Certified Translation of a Marriage Certificate from Spanish to English

A recent client asked Tomedes to translate her marriage certificate from Spanish to English, as part of her move to the UK

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Certified Translation of a Marriage Certificate from Spanish to English

July 29, 2020

Tomedes has worked on a huge number of marriage certificate translations over the years. Marriage certificate translation is always an intensely personal process. The need for it usually arises because the client is planning to live or work overseas, with the translated certificate playing a key part in enabling them to do so. 

As such, it’s always a pleasure to undertake a new certificate translation job. In the most recent instance, we provided the translation of a marriage certificate from Spanish to English for a client who was starting a new life in the UK with her partner. Having never used a professional translation service before, she had a few questions about what she needed to do to translate her marriage certificate from Spanish to English. We were happy to answer them! 

Certified Spanish to English Marriage Certificate Translation

Successful marriage certificate translation all starts with the quality of the source document. In this client’s case, it was a beautifully preserved and legibly written marriage certificate in Spanish. 

Over the years, we’ve worked with everything from faded ink and illegible handwriting to certificates that have been ripped, water-stained and even charred! So starting this certificate translation job with a well presented document that was easy to read was certainly a bonus. 

In our initial call with the client, she asked us how to translate a marriage certificate from Spanish to English. We were more than happy to share our expertise. We explained that the translator would not just convert the text of the document but would also present the information using a similar layout to the original. We use a marriage certificate translation template for Spanish to English jobs such as this, adapting it as required for each client’s document. 

We talked through the matter of certified translation as well (see below for further details on this) and the client was delighted to gain such a thorough understanding of the process we planned to use to translate her marriage certificate from Spanish to English. 

Spanish Marriage Certificate Translations by Tomedes

In this instance, the client was a native Spanish speaker, hailing from Spain. As she was moving from her homeland to England, we knew that we would need a European Spanish to UK English translator.

Matching regional language requirements is an important part of the translation process. Doing so means that the translated document will conform to the right spelling conventions and grammatical quirks of the region in question. Had the client been moving from Bolivia to the US, for example, and needed the translation of her marriage certificate from Spanish to English for a US audience, we would have called on the services of one of our Latin American Spanish to US English translators. 

The need to meet so many local language requirements has led to Tomedes building up a global network of translators over the past decade and more. Doing so means that we can quickly and easily access a linguist with the relevant language pairing each time we take on a new translation job. It’s one of the ways in which we ensure we deliver such a speedy translation service. 

For this client’s Spanish marriage certificate translation, our native UK English translator got straight to work. It’s our policy to use native speakers of the target language for each of our translation jobs, as doing so results in a superior quality translation. As such, we used one of our UK-based translation team to meet the client’s need. 

There are many similarities between the Spanish and English languages, making Spanish one of the easiest languages for English-speakers to learn (and vice versa). Spanish is also one of the most commonly requested languages that Tomedes is called upon to translate, so we have a broad network of Spanish translators available at all times. 

In this instance, the client asked to see a marriage certificate translation from Spanish to English sample. While we were unable to give her access to a specific sample, due to client confidentiality, we were happy to walk her through the process we use to translate a marriage certificate from Spanish to English – template and all. 

This template has stood us in good stead for any number of translations of Spanish marriage records over the years. We also have templates in place for other commonly required certificates, as well as for other frequently requested language pairings. 

The client was thrilled by our thorough and detailed responses to all of her queries; they gave her the confidence she needed that her translation was in good hands. We are always happy to share details of our process, expertise and more in this way. Customer service is one of our top priorities and that means ensuring that each client receives a personalised service that best meets their needs. 

Spanish to English Translation by Our Certified Translators

In addition to the translation of the client’s marriage certificate from Spanish to English, we also issued her with a certificate of translation. This is something that we are happy to provide for any translation job that we undertake. 

A certificate of translation is a document that affirms the authenticity of the translation. Government agencies often request certified translation when it comes to documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates. In this client’s case, she had not specifically been asked to provide a certificate of translation alongside the English version of her marriage certificate, but she suspected that having one might prove useful at some point! 

The requirements for translation certification vary around the world. In the UK, which is where this client needed to use her translated document, certification can be undertaken by any practising translator – there is no requirement for that linguist to be accredited by any particular body. This is not the case in every country, which is why it’s important to work with a translation agency that takes care over localized requirements. 

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Do you have a marriage certificate in Spanish that you need translated to English? Or perhaps it’s a different language pairing that you need. Either way, Tomedes is at your service. 

Our professional translators are ready and waiting to tackle your marriage certificate translation (or any other certificate translation, for that matter!). You can kick-start the process by getting a free, no obligation, instant translation quote from our website. You can also talk through your needs with us over email, on the phone or via our live chat service. 

And if the translation of this client’s marriage certificate from Spanish to English has fired you up to learn more about translation in general, feel free to access the huge number of articles available on our website to find out more! 

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