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Tomedes provides Chinese patent translation for a range of official and personal needs such as patent litigation, foreign filing, and protecting intellectual property. Our expert translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Chinese patent translation. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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English to Chinese Patent Translation Service

June 16, 2020

Last Updated on December 06, 2022

A recent client approached Tomedes through our live chat service. He was in need of a patent translation from English to Chinese and a colleague had recommended he speak to us. We explored his needs and we’re happy to provide a service in the language pairing that he required and in line with his strict deadline. 

Chinese Patent Translation by Tomedes 

Translation of English patents to Chinese requires careful attention to detail. A patent is a legal document that gives the patent owner certain legal rights, namely the right to exclude any other parties from producing, using or selling the invention defined within the patent document. That patent covers a set period. Within the documentation, the patent holder publicly discloses the details of their invention. 

Given the legal implications of a patent, the details within it must be precise, both in the original language and in any translation. As such, our recent English to Chinese patent translation required the utmost skill on the part of the expert Chinese patent translator. 

Thankfully, Tomedes has spent years building up a global team of talented translators, meaning that our Chinese patent translation expertise is available for a huge range of language pairings. Experienced providers of patent translation services know that attention to detail is paramount for such tasks. After all, the client is trusting their translator with far more than just a document – they are entrusting them with their intellectual property and with the income that they may derive from that in the future. 

In this instance, the client was clear from the outset that the costs were a priority, as well as the quality of his translation. We were happy to be able to provide swift reassurance on this point, having carefully structured our business model to deliver expert human translation services with minimal costs attached. 

Chinese Patent Document Translation

Patent translation to and from Chinese and any other language is interesting in that it tends to blend elements of both legal translation and technical translation. Technical document translation services can cover a wide range of industries. Cross-border trade and collaborative working often call for companies to conduct their business in multiple languages. Those translating their documents must have a deep understanding of the concepts and terminology that they contain. 

In this instance, for example, the Chinese patent translations contained a number of technical industry-specific terms, meaning that we had to pair our translator extremely carefully with the task at hand. This level of care before the job had even begun meant that we were in a strong position to provide technical translations of precisely the nature that the client needed. The client was also delighted to know that we had sourced a suitably experienced individual to translate his patent documents in terms of their industry knowledge, as well as their linguistic skill. 

Technical translation of a patent document from English to Chinese requires a keen eye for detail. There is simply no room for error. This means that the Chinese patent translator has to understand what is meant not just by individual words or phrases but by the overarching concepts contained within the documents. 

This need for blended understanding and accuracy is why translation from a machine is not well suited to technical translation. Machines can understand words and phrases and translate them with a fair degree of accuracy these days, though repeated tests have shown that human translators still have the edge. What machines cannot do is comprehend the particular nuances that the client’s document is expressing and the reasoning behind them.  Nor can they query particular elements of the translation using translators’ notes in order to ensure a fully accurate conversion into the target language. Suffice it to say, only human translations such as Tomedes are good enough to serve those who require professional translation of a technical document.

Legal Translation Of Chinese Patents

Many of Tomedes’ translation clients – including this one – ask to use our certified translation services for their Chinese patent translations. Certified translation of a Chinese patent is a way to demonstrate the accuracy and authenticity of a translation; it provides the reader with reassurance that what they are ready truly reflects the contents of the original document. 

There are many types of certified translation. For some clients, it is their personal papers that they need a certificate of translation for when they seek to live or work overseas. For others, such as our recent client, their need is for certified legal translation of their patent document.

Tomedes is happy to provide a certificate of translation for any legal document translation that we undertake. This provides the client and any other relevant individuals or organizations with clear evidence of the accuracy of the legal translation in question. As such, we’ve been providing certificates of translation as part of our legal translation of Chinese patents for well over a decade. 

Clients looking for a certified legal translator for patent translations are usually looking for someone with superb language skills and in-depth knowledge of legal terminology. It’s not something that every translator can offer; this is a specialist area of translation. That’s why Tomedes has spent years building up a network of highly experienced professionals in order to provide a comprehensive legal translation of Chinese patents. We look for more than just language skills when it comes to finding the right translator – everything from the individual’s professional experience to the level of customer care and timeliness that they provide is reviewed under the microscope. This ensures that we are well positioned to provide suitable qualified and experienced translators, even when the job crops up at the very last minute. 

English to Chinese Translation by Our Native Chinese Translators 

Mandarin Chinese and English are two of the most spoken languages on the planet. They have 917 million and 379 million native speakers respectively. In terms of total speaker numbers, English tops the table with 1.132 billion speakers, closely followed by Mandarin with 1.117 billion. 

As such, English to Chinese translation services (and vice versa) are in much demand. This is why Tomedes has paid such care to the Chinese patent translation part of our global network of linguists over the past decade and more. Our English to Chinese translators cover a wide range of specialist areas of work, from medical translation to, as in this case, patent translation. 

Chinese is not an easy language for English speakers to learn. In fact, it is one of the hardest languages for those from an English-speaking background to achieve fluency in. As such, bilingual English and Chinese speakers are highly valued by those in need of Chinese patent translation services. 

For this client’s English to Chinese patent translation, we turned to a highly experienced Chinese translator who had worked on legal translations for years, including a number of Chinese patent translations. The client was thrilled with the result – a high-quality translation within both his budget and his timescale. Precisely what he was looking for in a Chinese translation company. 


If your business is in need of professional Chinese translation, why not contact Tomedes to discuss your needs? We’re open 24/7, so you can talk to our team by phone, email or live chat whenever suits you best. We’re confident that our professional Chinese translators will be able to provide the expertise you need.


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