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Quick and Best Quality Fashion Label Translation Services

November 22, 2010

We provide several clients with design and clothing retail companies with tag and label translation, as well as other services such as marketing localization and assistance with globalization efforts.

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Business Translation Services by our Network of Skilled Translators

November 09, 2010

We provide professional translation of letters for businesses, correspondence of all kinds, and even for Flat Stanley Projects from around the world.

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CV and Resume Translation Services

November 01, 2010

Translation of a CV or resume requires localized translation service in addition to knowledge of specific resume formats and content requirements from culture to culture.

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Hebrew Translation by Our Expert Translators

October 27, 2010

We have provided Hebrew translation for a well known source of business, stocks, and market reports.

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Hebrew Business Translation Services by our Expert Translators

October 21, 2010

Services for company brochure translation from Hebrew to English for a marketing company, as well as an advertising agency in Los Angeles needing English to Spanish translation.

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Spanish Video Translation Services by our network of Expert Translators

October 11, 2010

Spanish subtitles for a professional video were recently provided to one of our business clients.

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Translation Services with 50,000 Satisfied Business Customers

October 04, 2010

An overview of our excellent English to Hebrew translation service, as well as Hebrew to English, for anything from business documents to religious texts, engineering and technical translations.

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Chinese Website Localization Services

October 04, 2010

We have recently provided a number of clients with e-commerce and business website translation service, including localized keyword and SEO translation.

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Literary Translation by our Linguists

September 23, 2010

Turkish to English translation of several literary novels was requested by a publishing company in Chicago.

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Certificate Translation Services by our Network of Professional Translators

September 15, 2010

We provide birth certificate translation service quickly and at affordable rates, so that clients can have their birth certificate translation ready for travel or customs in a day or less.

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