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Visa Translation Services

July 20, 2010

Client recently requested Albanian translation of immigration documents in Miami, FL.

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Indonesian Birth Certificate Translation

July 17, 2010

A client in New York needed a notarized translation of a birth certificate, translated from Indonesian (Bahasa) to English.

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Japanese Translation

July 17, 2010

Two Japanese translators describe how manga translation from Japanese to English takes careful consideration of context and vocabulary.

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Arabic Website Localization Services

July 01, 2010

Web application translation and help files translated from English to Arabic for a Washington D.C. client.

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Hungarian Technical Translation Services

June 28, 2010

IT translation and communication technology translation are not always the same thing, and can require two different schools of technical translation knowledge and skill.

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Localization Services

June 28, 2010

Translation for iPhone 4 apps and as well as all other phone app translation service.

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Ukrainian Business Translation Services

June 22, 2010

An Ukrainian retail sales translation for a global fashion line, as well as marketing and advertising translation and localized software translation services.

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Stock Exchange Translation

June 20, 2010

Stock exchange translations can be extremely technical and are often needed as fast as possible. We are pleased to provide this type of technical financial translation with fast turnaround service.

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Icelandic Business Translation Services

June 17, 2010

Icelandic presentation translation of safety and standards for a fire company in Portland enabled them to communicate with their audience despite some of the technical terms.

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Czech Medical Translation Services

June 16, 2010

A relatively large technical translation of pharmaceutical documents was needed for Czech to English translation.

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