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Why professional resume translation service is essential when seeking international employment

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Professional Resume Translation Services for Job Search

January 07, 2013

International Job Searching and Resume Translation Services

The economy has given cause for many people with diversified talents and job skills to seek employment abroad.  Both those outside of the U.S. seek employment in the U.S., and vice versa.  Resume translation is essential for a positive first impression to potential employers.  We have had an influx lately of resume translation requests, for many languages.  Some of the most recent language pairs for resume translation have included English to Polish translation, French to English translation, English to Swedish translation and English to Dutch translation.

Though many times when an international job-seeker applies for a job outside his country, he or she is able to speak the language of the desired job destination, it is always a smart idea to have professional resume translation.  There are localization issues that must be taken into account, and for those who may be out of practice in the language targeted, it is even more important to have a professional translation.

It does not stop at simple resume translation - or rather, should not.  Any documents forwarded to a potential employer of a different language should be professionally translated.  This includes CV translation, transcripts, credentials and diplomas, certificates, letters of reference or recommendation, and any other materials. 

Some may be put off at the idea of the expense this may cost - it can be off-putting to spend money to look for employment.  However, the impression one makes upon a potential employer or company will be much more positive if it is written in perfect Swedish, or Japanese, or Dutch.  Put yourself in their shoes - would you be likely to consider a resume and job application that was submitted to you in Russian?  Wouldn't it be a chore to have it translated, just to review it?  This is why professional resume translation service is imperative when seeking international employment.

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