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Professional Arabic translation of a PR campaign for a non-profit cancer organization.

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Professional Arabic Translation of PR Campaign

December 17, 2012

Professional Arabic Translation for PR Campaign

It is not often that we are able to directly help children in need simply by providing translation services - but that's how it happened with a recent professional Arabic translation we supplied to a returning client. 

Sound like a gimmick or a flimsy try at pulling heart-strings?  We wouldn't blame you if this is your first thought.  But because the PR campaign we provided Arabic translation for was to support a children's cancer society and program, it is fairly certain that we provided some direct support of the cause, and helped to spread awareness of this particular children's cancer society and what and how they are helping sick children.

PR and Marketing Localization and Translation Services

PR campaign localization and marketing translations are something that often take a great deal of work.  They are frequently a type of translation services that cannot be completed within a day or two - many of them require weeks, maybe even months of translation and localization efforts, partially because marketing and PR campaigns have planned out strategies that span an equally long time.  However, other campaigns and PR translations cover only a month, or just a singular idea, in support of a non-profit organization or society.  Such was the case with this particular PR translation

The whole of the project included a PR announcement, a document translation explaining the PR campaign to the society itself, as well as to potential donors and supporters, and a calendar of events for the month of the campaign itself, along with several other components.  The word count was under 1500 in the Arabic to English translation.

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