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February 15, 2022

For yet another client in Los Angeles, Tomedes recently accomplished another translation job. LA is no stranger to the dynamic Tomedes team, and for this client our crypto translation expertise was necessary.

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Transcription Services for a Client in NYC

September 08, 2020

Tomedes recently completed a transcription job for a client in NYC. Click for further details!

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Mexican Divorce Certificate Translation | Tomedes

September 02, 2020

We recently helped a client by translating his divorce certificate from Spanish to English. Click for details!

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French Translation Services for a Client in Toronto

August 25, 2020

Tomedes recently supported a client with an English to French certificate translation. Click for further details!

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Medical Translation from English to Arabic

August 18, 2020

Tomedes provided a recent client with a medical translation from English to Arabic

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Chinese Marketing Translation Services

August 11, 2020

Marketing translation can help a business to grow internationally, as this Chinese translation client discovered.

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German Technical Translation

August 05, 2020

Tomedes recently undertook a German technical translation job for a new client. Read about it here!

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Certified Translation of a Marriage Certificate from Spanish to English

July 29, 2020

A recent client asked Tomedes to translate her marriage certificate from Spanish to English, as part of her move to the UK

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The Software Localization Process for Multiple Languages

July 22, 2020

Tomedes recently provided website localization services for a client, covering multiple languages

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The Spanish to English Marriage Certificate Translation Process

July 14, 2020

Tomedes undertook a Spanish to English marriage certificate translation for a client who needed it for the USCIS

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