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How Our Drupal Translations Work

[1] Preliminary Analysis and Preparation:

Begin by reviewing your Drupal website to pinpoint content needing translation, then draft a list of target languages based on audience insights. Subsequently, opt for a renowned Drupal translation extension, such as LingoTek or Polylang. Ensure it's aptly installed and configured for seamless content adaptation.

[2] Platforms Integration and Professional Collaboration:

We help you establish a connection between your Drupal website and your chosen translation management platform, facilitating automated content extraction and post-translation insertion. We then deploy translation professionals knowledgeable in your domain. You can provide us with a style guide and terminology lists to guarantee brand uniformity.

[3] Content Extraction and Translation:

We proceed with extracting content from your Drupal site, then categorize it into coherent batches for efficient translation. Our translation experts ensure accurate translations that are culturally sensitive and relevant. You can utilize the translation platform to monitor our progress.

[4] Reintegration and Testing:

Finally, the translated content can be reintegrated to your Drupal site through the chosen platform. This ensures that the final design aligns with the original. Investigate each translated page to verify that interactive elements and CTAs work flawlessly. Post-launch, you can continue collaborating with us for refinements and continuous updates.


We Help Streamline Drupal-Based Content

Tomedes boasts a legacy of excellence, merging linguistic expertise with cutting-edge technology. Our unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction, coupled with cost-effective solutions, makes us the ideal partner for your translation and localization needs. Trust experience; choose Tomedes.

Support for 150+Languages

We ensure that your message resonates worldwide. Our Drupal language translation caters to over 900 language pairs, seamlessly connecting you to a global audience.

Scalable Solutions

Our translation services are adaptable, catering to diverse Drupal website needs, ensuring scalable solutions for both small and large projects.

Round-the-clock Support

Experience 24/7 dedicated customer support, ensuring swift and efficient assistance for your Drupal translation requirements.

Best Translation Tools

Leveraging industry-leading translation tools, we guarantee precise and efficient translations, ensuring your Drupal content meets the highest standards.

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Need help translating your Drupal website?

Drupal, a leading open-source content management system, was founded in 2000 by Dries Buytaert. Its flexible architecture and vibrant community have made it a top choice for developers and businesses alike.


On the global market, Drupal's relevance is seen in its powering of websites for various organizations, including small businesses, governments, and large corporations. Its flexibility, ease of use, and extensive community support make it an attractive choice for website development worldwide.


Tomedes employs expert linguists and cutting-edge tools for efficient Drupal content translation. Our method ensures that Drupal sites remain dynamic and culturally relevant across languages, providing a seamless user experience.

Please get in touch with our dedicated customer support if you have additional concerns.

We Also Support Other Platforms

Leveraging extensive expertise across various platforms and project management, our veteran team guarantees smooth translations on all platforms. Benefit from top-notch results delivered by experts using the foremost translation technologies in the industry.



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