What Is the Best Translation App for Shopify?

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The 12 Best Shopify Translation Apps in 2022

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Back Translation: What Is It and When Do You Need It?

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What is back translation and when should you use it? Click to find out how to use back translation to meet your legal, regulatory and quality obligations.

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The Complete Guide to Certified Translation for Immigration into the US in 2022

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Do you need to provide immigration documents to USCIS? Click for top tips on USCIS translation certification and to ensure your documents are in order.

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The Ultimate Guide to Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

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Post editing of machine translation is playing an increasingly large role in the professional translation sector. Check out this MTPE guide to get up to speed.

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How to Translate Gendered Language

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When it comes to translation, gender can be a tricky topic. Read on to explore considerations in how to translate gender without causing offence.

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Become A Game Translator

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Tomedes translation company examines the rapidly growing industry of video gaming, focusing on the translation services needed to allow game manufacturers to reach a global audience. Read about the industry and how to get started as a video game translator.

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How Is Machine Translation Quality Assessed?

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Machine translation quality estimation involves the quality assessment of text that was previously translated by a machine.

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SEO Translation: A Comprehensive Guide

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What is SEO translation and when should you use it? Click to find out.

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What's the Difference Between Transcription and Translation?

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What are the differences between transcription and translation? Click now to discover all you need to know.

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Translating Numbers – Everything You Need to Know About Numerical Translation

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These tips on translating numbers are essential reading.

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