21 Overused Words in English Translation

CATEGORY / Languages


Avoid overused words, create better English translations, avoid mistranslations, expand your vocabulary, learn new and better words for writing and translation, all here!

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How to Say “I Love You” in 25 Different Languages

CATEGORY / Languages


Looking for a new way to tell someone you love them? Why not say it in 25 new ways?

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Cultural Connections Across Figures of Speech

CATEGORY / Languages


Tomedes explores commonly used figures of speech and their place in modern languages.

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Pig Latin—What Is It and How Do You Speak It?

CATEGORY / Languages


Learn Pig Latin to speak in a secret code with your friends. With these simple rules, you can start speaking Pig Latin today!

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15 Best Languages to Learn in 2020

CATEGORY / Languages


Are you planning to learn a new language this year? If so, check out our list of the 15 best languages to learn!

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CATEGORY / Languages



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What Is the Difference Between a Language and a Dialect?

CATEGORY / Languages


Do you know the difference between a language and dialect? It's more complex than you might imagine!

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Finding Your Word Count in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and More!

CATEGORY / Languages


For translators, it literally pays to know the exact word count in the software and platforms that they use.

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What are the world's oldest languages?

CATEGORY / Languages


Ever wondered what are the world's oldest languages? Which ones are still used in writing and spoken? Read on to know more!

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How to Learn Spanish Effectively

CATEGORY / Languages


Are you planning to learn Spanish? These tips will help you to learn fast and effectively!

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