30 Fun Facts About Europe You Probably Didn't Know
Map of Europe

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Explore the top 30 fun facts about Europe that you can share with your friends and family.

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How many Spaniards speak Castilian Spanish?
Map of Spain with Spaniards

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Discover how many Spaniards speak Spanish and explore the four official languages of Spain.

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Who invented the alphabet? Unravel the mysteries
Farther of language

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Let’s discover who invented the alphabet and learn the evolution of the alphabet through the years.

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What language is spoken in Singapore
what language is spoken in singapore

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Discover what language is spoken in Singapore and explore the different languages found in Singapore.

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Old Norse: The Ancient Language
Old Norse

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Journey into the past with Old Norse: Explore the depth of an ancient tongue, its history and its future with our modern languages.

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Khmer Language: Chasing the Echoes of Angkor
Khmer Language

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Explore the essence of Cambodia through the Khmer language—its history, cultural significance, and role in shaping national identity.

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Czech Language Unlocked: From Former Bohemia to Current Times
czech language

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Explore the Czech language's history, dialects, and characteristics. Dive into its cultural significance and global presence with Tomedes.

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Croatian Language: A Story of Reunion and Resurrection
croatian language

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Explore the rich history, diversity, and global presence of the Croatian language, and how Tomedes can navigate its nuances for you.

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Vietnamese Language: An In-depth Exploration
vietnamese language, language in vietnam, language of vietnam, vietnam official language

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Learn the rich history, dialects, and unique linguistic features of the Vietnamese language, and how Tomedes makes this navigation effortless.

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Russian Language: The Lingua of Tsars and Cosmonauts
russian language, russian language origin, history of russian language, russian language family

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Explore the journey of the Russian language from its ancient origins to its current status as one of the most popular and spoken languages of the world.

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