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In our ever-evolving global landscape, education and professional credentials don't just stay within borders—they travel with the individuals who are broadening their horizons. That’s why Tomedes’ diploma translation service is available in more than 150 languages complete with the appropriate certification your target institution requires. 

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How Diploma Translations Empower Global Ambitions

Diploma translations are pivotal in today's globalized world. As students and professionals cross borders, they need universal recognition of their credentials for academic admissions and the global job market. Tomedes ensures smooth transitions by accurately translating and certifying these vital documents.

Moreover, immigration and legal entities often demand translated diplomas. These are essential for visa applications and professional certifications. Tomedes' precision in translations guarantees acceptance by official departments, simplifying bureaucratic processes.

Why Choose Tomedes’ Diploma Translation Services

Comprehensive Certification

With our vast experience, Tomedes ensures you receive the exact certification needed, tailored for your specific job or university application, guaranteeing precision and due recognition.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Tomedes meticulously translates every detail. We take extra steps to verify names, places, and schools to ensure your translated documents reflect genuine authenticity and accuracy.

Secure Translation Portal

Safety first. Tomedes offers a robust encrypted portal, safeguarding your personal and academic documents, ensuring confidentiality throughout the translation journey.

24/7 Translation Support

Whenever you need us, Tomedes is here. Benefit from our continuous, round-the-clock support, designed to address your questions or concerns promptly.

Need your translated diploma mailed directly to you? Let us know, and we'll ensure it reaches your doorstep promptly.


We Translate Any Type of Diploma or Degree Certificate

Whether you've accomplished academic feats or specialized training, our services encompass a broad range of educational recognitions. From high school achievements to doctoral accomplishments and vocational qualifications, we ensure every milestone is linguistically represented with precision.

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  • checkDoctorates
  • checkVocational Diplomas
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Translate Your Diploma into English and 150 More Languages

Unlock global opportunities by translating your diploma into English or any of our 150+ offered languages. From Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) and Spanish to Korean and Hindi, our expertise encompasses a vast linguistic spectrum, ensuring you're understood worldwide.

Get a Certified Translation of Your Diploma and More

With our expert certified translation services, not only can you receive impeccable translations of your diplomas, but we also specialize in translating other essential documents you might need for your endeavors abroad or formal applications. From transcripts to admission essays, we ensure every piece of your application is accurately represented in the language of your choice.


Here are some common questions clients ask us:

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