Tomedes Helps Renowned Educational Institution Empower Student Body & Local Community

Tomedes assisted a distinguished educational institution by translating a family life and health study and educational interface aimed at empowering the local population.

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Tomedes Helps Renowned Educational Institution Empower Student Body & Local Community

April 13, 2023

The Tomedes team takes great pride in collaborating with a diverse array of esteemed educational institutions, and we constantly adapt our translation services to meet the unique demands of this sector. Recently, we assisted a renowned institution by offering English to Hmong translations for a student survey and educational interface. The translation project involved not only converting the text but also ensuring that the content remained culturally sensitive and accessible for Hmong-speaking students and educators.

An Ambitious Goal, an Ambitious Project

The client, a renowned educational institution, constantly pursues innovative insights that have the potential to transform our daily lives and work dynamics. In response to this mission, they initiated a comprehensive study of local family health and accompanying educational interface. The study encourages families to join and contribute over an extended period, with the objective of unraveling the impact of genetics, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors on health and well-being. As a cohort study, it is designed to last for many years, which would allow the institution to observe changes occurring over time.

To ensure the study’s success and reach a diverse participant base, the institution required translation services that catered to its specific needs. Medical document translation was crucial to accurately convey the health-related aspects of the study while the educational interface relied on eLearning translation services in order to make the educational content accessible to the target audience.

In addition to these specialized translation services, the project demanded Hmong translation services to make the content accessible and culturally relevant for Hmong-speaking families. It also involved translating over 100,000 words from English to Hmong, showcasing the client’s commitment to reaching the community through in-depth questions and a comprehensive assisting interface.

Turning to Tomedes

The client had previously collaborated with Tomedes and was well aware of the value and expertise we bring to the table. They knew they could rely on Tomedes to deliver high-quality translations for academic institutions, even when faced with tight deadlines and large-scale projects like this one. Our commitment to excellence and rapid turnaround times had already earned their trust and confidence.

Our extensive global network of skilled translators is one of the key factors that sets Tomedes apart. Since 2007, we have cultivated a diverse team of professionals who not only cover a vast range of languages but also possess sector-specific expertise in various fields, including education and healthcare. This wealth of experience enables us to seamlessly handle the client’s unique project requirements and subject matter, particularly in providing specialized Hmong translation services. We understand the value of translation in dealing with the diverse needs of educational institutions.

Bringing the Educational Institution’s Goals to Fruition

Tomedes worked closely with the client to ensure a smooth and efficient translation process for their educational and health study. Our team followed a step-by-step process to ensure that the final translations were accurate, culturally relevant, and accessible to the target audience.

First, we carefully selected a translator who not only had extensive experience with the Hmong culture and language but a deep understanding of the educational and health sector. Translation is not just about accurately translating the content; it must also convey the intended meaning and nuances of the text by using cultural and linguistic references that speak to the target community. One of our translators, a Hmong native, was the perfect fit. Her knowledge and years of expertise working with academic institutions and translating for the edtech sector allowed her to capture the essence of the study while remaining faithful to the original content.

Once the translator completed the initial translation, our project manager oversaw the next stage of the process, which involved a rigorous quality assurance check. This included a thorough review of the translation for accuracy, grammar, and cultural relevance, as well as a final proofread to ensure that every t was crossed and i dotted. Only after this could we guarantee that the final translations met our standards of high quality and were ready for delivery to the client.

Throughout the entire process, the Tomedes team remained in close communication with the client to ensure that their specific requirements were met. Our commitment to excellence and our customer-first approach allowed us to provide a seamless and stress-free experience from end to end.

An A+ Assessment

The client was delighted with the high quality of the final translation and quick delivery of such a large-scale project. As we were wrapping up, they thanked us for allowing them to properly engage with their audience and create long-lasting connections that will benefit the community for years to come. 

The success of this project is further proof of our commitment to providing exceptional translation services that meet the unique needs of each client. As a professional translation company, we at Tomedes are delighted that we can rely on our linguistic expertise and cultural knowledge to deliver high-quality translations that make a meaningful impact. We are proud to have played a part in this educational and health study and look forward to supporting the client’s future translation needs.

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