Tomedes Powers International Edtech Services with Video Script Translation

Tomedes provided English to Portuguese video script translation for a pioneering organization delivering educational support through technology for children with autism.

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Tomedes Powers International Edtech Services with Video Script Translation

March 02, 2023

Technology plays a huge role in education services for children and young people of all ages, in a wide variety of settings. Cross-border solutions and approaches are increasingly common, as the edtech sector supports professionals to share their knowledge. Recently this led to Tomedes providing translation services for a trailblazing organization that supports children with autism through educational and therapeutic interventions. Our translation team supported the client with two video script translations, translating them from US English to Brazilian Portuguese.

The Challenge: Using Video Translation to Support Children with Autism to Thrive

In recent years, edtech providers have come up with an array of apps and platforms to help build skills and knowledge. For children who are often marginalized by mainstream education approaches, such interventions can prove invaluable.

The World Health Organization estimates that one in 100 children globally has autism. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes the figure to be much higher, stating that about one in 44 children has been identified with autistic spectrum disorder. Autism occurs irrespective of ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups and international borders, so these factors shouldn’t have a bearing on solutions and support for those diagnosed with it.

This is where Tomedes’ support for a recent client came in. The client provides pioneering solutions to support children with autism through an innovative edtech model. Their delivery spans multiple languages and they needed professional Portuguese translation for two new videos for the Brazilian market. They already had the scripts in English, so asked Tomedes to work with them on the translation.

Why Tomedes Was the Ideal Translation Solution

The client was seeking a translation solution that combined quality, speed, and attentive customer service—all for a great price. Tomedes ticked all the right boxes, including the fact that we have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for our quality management systems.    

Our translators are not only expert linguists but also provide a range of specialist skills, such as video translation and tech translation. This meant that we could easily allocate a Brazilian Portuguese translator with the ideal mix of skills to undertake the client’s video script translation.

Assigning a Brazilian Portuguese translator, rather than a European Portuguese translator, was important. There are differences between the two versions of the language in terms of spellings, loanwords, gerund verbs, vocabulary, and more. As such, the client needed a local translator so that the language used would be perfect for their Brazilian audience. Tomedes’ global network of translators meant that we had no problem finding such a translator.

Video Translation Solutions for the Education Sector

Tomedes’ video translation service includes everything from transcription through to subtitling and voice overs. This client already had the video scripts, so we were able to get straight to work on the translations.

Every translation job is interesting in its own way and this task was no exception. The video scripts had been written to suit an audience of children with autism aged between five and nine. As such, the language used in the translation needed to be age appropriate, though it was also important that it not be too childish. This was an interesting balance to strike for our translator, who worked closely with the client to ensure that the Brazilian Portuguese version of the video scripts had just the right tone to them.

Another Successful Edtech Translation Completed

Our attentive service was precisely what the client had been seeking, so they were delighted with how the translation progressed. The translator crafted the Portuguese version of the video scripts with the utmost care, keeping the client’s brief firmly in mind in terms of the language being age appropriate for the intended audience.

The result was two video script translations of superb quality, which the client is now able to use as part of its edtech offering for Brazilian audiences, to support the development of children with autism in Brazil.

Research has shown that early interventions for autism can deliver major long-term positive effects for those diagnosed with it. Early interventions can include everything from speech therapy and physical therapy to nutrition services, hearing impairment services, and family training, according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. By delivering services online as well as in person, those seeking to support the healthy development of children with autism can reach wider audiences and ensure that best practices in therapeutic and educational methods are disseminated more widely.

The Tomedes team was thrilled to be able to support such important work. Our client, meanwhile, was delighted to receive such a helpful and high-quality translation service, with great customer care, for such a compelling price. We look forward to supporting them with further video script translation projects as their services continue to spread and support more children with autism.

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