Raw Machine Translation: Accelerating Engineering Documentation

Tomedes delivers top-quality raw machine translations for engineering documents needing Indonesian and Tagalog translations. We use advanced machine translation software and AI technology to translate technical content for our specialized fields. In this project, we exhibit our attention to detail despite only using machine translation to create multilingual engineering documents.

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Raw Machine Translation: Accelerating Engineering Documentation

April 19, 2024

Despite what many people think, machine translation has drastically improved over the years. Whereas before, it could only accommodate certain languages, leaving low-resource ones behind, it now can translate uncommon languages quickly and more accurately than ever before.

Because of this, many industries have begun using machine translation to tailor multilingual content. However, like any tool, it's not always accurate and so it runs the risk of spreading misinformation or creating errors that could detrimentally affect a company's reputation.

In this project, we present our tech savviness and expertise in utilizing state-of-the-art technology to produce raw machine translations from English to Indonesian and Tagalog for an international engineering firm. 

Our Client

Our customer is a world-renowned engineering firm that has offices located across the globe. They are a returning client from a couple of years ago that's seeking efficient translation solutions for expanding their engineering projects into Indonesian and Tagalog markets. Despite not making frequent requests for translation projects, we have maintained a long-time partnership with them.

They were well aware of the advancement of machine translation (MT) and wanted an expert opinion about using it in technical fields like engineering. After explaining how we provide high-quality engineering translations through MT, the different considerations when choosing raw machine translations, and our process of implementing this advanced technology, they were even more convinced to collaborate with us for this MT-centric project.

The Project

The project involved using machine translation to provide Tagalog translations and Indonesian translations for engineering documents, like technical manuals, product descriptions, and research papers. They needed it within less than 24 hours.

The objective of the project was to provide quick turnarounds in translating the documents with the use of state-of-the-art machine translation software and translation tools that wouldn't rely on post-editing to make the process more efficient while maintaining the quality of the translations. 

How Raw Machine Translation Boosts Business Speed and Quality

Raw machine translation, which involves the automated translation of text from one language to another without human editing, can significantly accelerate business operations. Although it prioritizes speed, advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence have greatly enhanced its output quality.

Modern translation algorithms are trained on vast datasets and can provide surprisingly accurate translations, especially for languages with substantial digital resources. These improvements mean that businesses can rely on raw translations for initial drafts or internal communications, where the absolute precision of every word is less critical.

By instantly converting large volumes of documents, emails, or technical materials, businesses can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual translation processes. This speed is particularly beneficial in environments where quick decision-making and rapid dissemination of information are crucial, such as in multinational corporations dealing with diverse markets or during urgent project implementations. 

Project Challenges

You would think that a raw machine translation project wouldn't have challenges as it would primarily rely on the technology rather than the skill of the translator. The truth of the matter is that Tomedes takes the quality of our translations very seriously. Below, we will discuss the three main challenges we faced in this project:

Maintaining good accuracy without human review: The foremost challenge is maintaining a high level of accuracy in translations without the safety net of human post-editing. This is critical in ensuring that the technical content remains reliable and understandable.

Preserving the accuracy of engineering terms: Engineering documents are laden with specialized terminology. Preserving the technical and contextual integrity of these terms in translations without human oversight poses a significant challenge.

Handling errors that are usually fixed by reviewing: Raw machine translations often result in inconsistencies, especially with complex sentence structures and technical jargon. Managing these discrepancies effectively is crucial for the usability of the translated documents.

Why Tomedes?

Over 95,000 businesses trust Tomedes to provide top-quality translation and language services worldwide for various technical sectors like engineering. As an ISO-certified company, we have the skill and experience to provide machine translation-related services that are up to international standards. 

So, when it comes to providing machine translation solutions, we guarantee that the quality of the project is always precise and accurately conveys the message of your client's content. Besides this, below are some of the other reasons why many of our clients are confident in our services for raw machine translation:

Advanced technology for higher accuracy: Our advanced technology is specifically designed to support raw machine translations with an emphasis on higher accuracy, even in the absence of human post-editors. This ensures that the translations produced are not only fast but also reliable, enabling businesses to use them confidently in real-time applications without needing subsequent human review to guarantee their quality.

Proven experience in large-scale engineering projects: We have a robust track record of efficiently managing large-scale engineering translation projects, demonstrating our capability to handle complex technical documents with ease. Since we have worked with this client on several past projects, they know the level of care we place when it comes to our translation project.

Dedication to adaptable solutions for quick market growth: Our commitment extends beyond translation. We provide scalable solutions that support rapid market expansions, ensuring our clients can move quickly and confidently into new territories. Since Tomedes is available 24/7 worldwide, our clients knew that they could rely on us to accomplish the task within the given timeframe while being available to address any questions during the process. 

The Result

Our client was amazed that within just a couple of hours, we were able to provide them with raw machine-translated documents that were high quality and up to standard. Because of how quickly they were able to get back the translations, they were able to meet critical deadlines in their target market and proceed with decisions based on the translation that have saved them time and money.

Based on our last conversation, they are interested in working with us on future projects as they begin to expand into new markets. 


Raw machine translation plays a pivotal role in meeting the urgent and scalable needs of engineering projects. Our ability to deliver timely, effective translations ensures our clients can swiftly adapt to and thrive in diverse and fast-paced markets.

If you're looking for a trusted partner specializing in raw machine translations for technical fields like engineering, Tomedes is always available to address your inquiries. You can contact us any time, and our global customer success team can get started in your business expansion.

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