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Understanding its Types and Capabilities

What is Machine Translation?

Machine Translation (MT) uses computers and software algorithms to instantly translate text or speech from one language to another. Today's MT combines various translation methods:

  • Rule-Based Machine Translation (RBMT) – relies on predefined linguistic rules

  • Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) – predicts translations based on the analysis of large bilingual text corpora

  • Neural Machine Translation (NMT) – utilizes artificial neural networks (particularly deep learning models) to understand context and generate more accurate and natural-sounding translations. 

Despite its rapid evolution, MT still struggles to accurately translate everyday expressions, cultural nuances, and complex sentence structures. In these areas, human translators noticeably outperform machine translation. 


How Our Machine Translation Works

[1] Define Project Scope and Objectives: Pinpoint your translation needs, target languages, and desired quality levels.

[2] Select Suitable Machine Translation Engine: Choose from various engines (Google, Microsoft, etc.) based on your requirements.

[3] Prepare and Cleanse Data: Clean and format text to ensure translation accuracy.

[4] Perform Initial Translation and Quality Check: Run the translation and assess quality to identify potential issues.

[5] Iterate and Optimize Translation Output: Refine and retrain the model as needed for optimal performance.

Note: These steps may be subject to change based on tailored approaches designed by our tech team.


Curious about machine translation? Contact our experts to find out if MT fits your next project. Get insights & answers tailored to your needs.


Separately and Together

Human Translation vs. Machine Translation

Human translation shines where precision, cultural understanding, and context matter most, like in legal, medical, and literary fields. On the other hand, machine translation offers speed & efficiency, perfect for quick drafts, informal communication, and getting the essence of foreign texts.


Blending human and machine translation leverages the strengths of both approaches, so you receive fast, affordable translations without compromising quality. Machines handle the swift initial translations, and human experts fine-tune for accuracy, cultural fit, and context. This synergy boosts productivity while upholding high standards in translation.

When should you use machine translation?

Tomedes combines the latest technology with expert human insight, customizing our services for your specific projects. We deliver the perfect translation solution, ensuring your project's success every single time.

Ideal Use Cases

Machine translation excels at delivering fast, affordable translations in many areas, opening doors across language barriers. MT is particularly effective for the following use cases:


> Website and Software Localization
> Social Media Monitoring
> Email Correspondence
> E-commerce Product Listings
> News and Articles
> Travel Assistance
> Video Subtitling
> Research Papers
> Legal Document Review
> Job Listings and Applications
> Technical Manuals
> Event and Conference Materials

Least Applicable Cases

Machine translation struggles with complex or heavily nuanced texts, where the precision and cultural awareness of a human translator are key. MT isn’t ideal for the following use cases:  


> Legal Contracts and Agreements
> Medical Diagnoses and Prescriptions
> Official Government Documents
> Poetry and Literary Works
> Cultural and Religious Texts
> Technical and Scientific Papers
> Brand and Marketing Messages
> Historical and Archival Documents
> Nuanced Dialogues in Films
> Creative Writing and Storytelling
> Patent and Intellectual Property Documents
> Certified Translations for Immigration

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Challenges of Machine Translation

Understanding these limitations helps us set realistic expectations. So you understand when to seek human translation for nuanced or high-stakes content, ensuring clarity and preventing costly misunderstandings.

Limited Understanding of Context

Machine translations often struggle to grasp the full context, leading to potential inaccuracies and misunderstandings in the translated text.

Struggles with Nuance and Idioms

Machines typically translate text in a more literal manner, losing the subtleties of everyday expressions, slang, and nuanced language.

Consistency Issues in Large Documents

Maintaining consistency in terminology and style throughout extensive documents can be challenging, especially when translating specialized or technical content.

Difficulty with Rare Languages and Dialects

Machine translation engines may provide less accurate translations for languages less commonly used or with numerous dialects, due to limited available data.

Why Work with Tomedes?

Tomedes is redefining language services to focus on you, our customer. Our comprehensive services are aimed at fostering growth and backed by our 100% quality guarantee. As your go-to partner for language success, we perfectly align with your linguistic needs and ambitions. Let's transcend language barriers and create global opportunities.

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