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Perfect engineering translation services by professional engineer-cum-translators. Tomedes provides the most cost-effective engineering translation quotes online. Get the best combination of low cost, high quality and fast delivery services from Tomedes.

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Comprehensive Engineering Translation Services by Tomedes

Engineering is by far one of the most commonly requested technical document translation requests we receive from an industry. There are many types of engineering document translations that are possible for any given project, but all of them require specific and sometimes extremely specialized translation skills. Tomedes is happy to provide any kind of engineering translation and technical document translation within the engineering industry, with a network of over 20,000 translators worldwide for nearly any language.

Translation for Any Engineering Document

At Tomedes, we pride ourselves on delivering precise translations for a range of engineering materials, encompassing manuals, telecoms, and more. While our commitment to accuracy mirrors that of other industry leaders, our competitive pricing sets us apart, offering affordable rates without compromising quality. Below is a list of the diverse engineering documents we translate for our clients:

  • checkOperating Manuals
  • checkSchematic Diagrams
  • checkEngineering Drawings
  • checkAssembly Diagrams
  • checkPatent Applications
  • checkSafety Documentation
  • checkMaintenance Manuals
  • checkPLM Reports
  • checkProduct Datasheets
  • checkQA Manuals
  • checkBill of Materials
  • checkTraining Courses

Why Choose Tomedes’ Engineering Translation Services

Multi-Domain Expertise

The expansive realm of engineering encompasses myriad disciplines, from the intricate nuances of molecular structures to the grand designs of suspension bridges. At Tomedes, we understand the distinctiveness of each domain and offer specialized translators to ensure your project's success.

Terminological Accuracy

In the technical universe of engineering, every term carries weight and precision. A minor terminological misstep can cause significant discrepancies. Tomedes ensures terminological accuracy by employing experts fluent in both language and engineering lexicon, guaranteeing translations that resonate with accuracy.

Secure and Confidential

Your sensitive engineering data deserves the utmost protection. Tomedes’ robust web platform boasts comprehensive SSL certificates and secure FTP upload options. Plus, our steadfast commitment to confidentiality is underpinned by binding NDAs for everyone involved in your project.

ISO 9001 & 17100

Quality and consistency are paramount in translation services. Tomedes proudly adheres to the ISO 9001 & 17100 standards, benchmarks that underscore our commitment to delivering superior quality translations. Our clients can rest easy knowing they're receiving world-class service compliant with international standards.

Send Us Your Engineering Documents – Any File Format

At Tomedes, we can localize all your engineering-related documents regardless of the file format. Whether it's CAD files or files from any specialized software, we adeptly handle translations across all platforms. Should you have questions about your files, please reach out to us.

Translation for Every Field of Engineering

Navigating the intricate terrains of engineering domains requires precision. Whether you're delving into dynamics, deciphering electronics, or any other specialized sector, we have the adept engineering experts to ensure accuracy in translation. Explore our areas of expertise:

  • checkMechanical engineering
  • checkSoftware engineering
  • checkIndustrial engineering
  • checkElectrical Engineering
  • checkCivil Engineering
  • checkChemical Engineering


Here are some common questions clients ask us:

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