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The client, who was also the app�s developer, wished to have an accurate Russian localization of his app�s marketing copy.

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Professional Russian Translation of a Smartphone App

March 11, 2015

It’s always a joy to begin a working relationship with a new client, and the other day we were able to offer our professional translation service to an individual in the smartphone app market. In fact, we’re one of only five global translation companies to partner with Google to offer Android app translations . To this end, we’re directly integrated into the Google Play Developer Console.

The client, who was also the app’s developer, wished to have an accurate Russian localization of his app’s marketing copy. It was important that the copy was translated accurately, conveying all the technical details of what the app could do.

Nadia (one of our project managers) was happy to assure the client that all of our expert translators have an outstanding attention to small, technical details, and that a translator with knowledge of the smartphone app market would be able to undertake the Russian translation.

Nadia also provided a quotation for the translation, which the client thought was fantastic value for money considering the expertise of our translators. Based on these factors, the client decided to commission the translation to begin.

Nadia selected Leo to work on the Russian translation: Leo is a native speaking Russian translator with considerable experience in the smartphone app market, frequently translating this sort of copy.

Leo’s native speaking ability allowed him to accurately localize the client’s text, conveying the light-hearted tone that the source language adopted. This sort of attention to detail is simply not possible with machine-based translation, and the human touch of our professional translators is especially valued by clients wishing an accurate localization of their original tone and style.

It wasn’t long before Leo had completed the Russian translation, and the client was impressed with the speed at which it was returned to him. We look forward to working together again soon!


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