Ensuring Smooth Employment Onboarding with Portuguese Criminal Record Translation

Translation and notarization of criminal records can support companies to employ individuals from abroad while complying with employment law – as Tomedes shows

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Portuguese Criminal Record Translation

February 13, 2024

Streamlining international background checks is essential for organizations seeking efficiencies when onboarding employees from abroad. In many countries, such checks are also essential for compliance with employment law. This means that businesses often need to translate documents such as criminal records and visas. Our recent client, for example, needed to translate and notarize criminal records documents from English to Portuguese.

Our Client 

Our client employs staff from around the world. Being based in Portugal, the client requires international documents to be translated into European Portuguese. The client does this to meet its legal obligations and ensure compliance with immigration processes.

The client uses translation and notarization services for criminal records, visas, birth certificates, and other documents. This Portuguese criminal record translation enables the company to recruit from a global talent pool, selecting the best team from diverse locations around the globe.

The Project

Tomedes provided a notarized English-to-Portuguese translation for criminal record documents (ECRIS) for this client. We also provided desktop publishing (DTP) to ensure the translated document’s format mirrored that of the original. By providing this Portuguese background check translation, we enabled the client to move ahead with employing and onboarding a new member of staff.

Notarized Portuguese criminal record translation plays a key role in enabling companies in Portugal to expand internationally – as this project has demonstrated.

Streamlining International Background Checks

Our ability to translate a background check to Portuguese (and other languages) means clients can rely on Tomedes when streamlining their international recruitment and onboarding procedures. In this instance, the translation from English to Portuguese was undertaken by a certified translator. This was a core requirement of the job.

The client also required notarization of the background check documentation, specifying that the notarization had to take place within Europe. We carried this out and delivered the notarized translation in both Word and PDF format. This meant the client could use the documents to meet its compliance obligations within Portugal.

The Challenges

 Translating and notarizing criminal record documents presents several challenges, namely:

1. Carefully handling linguistic intricacies: The content must be translated with unwavering accuracy and sensitivity to linguistic nuance.

2. Complying with notarization requirements: The notarization process must be undertaken in line with the client’s specific requirements, to ensure it is legally valid.

3. Maintaining legal accuracy: Both the translation and the notarization must be compliant with relevant legislation in the country where the company is undertaking the background checks.

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes is the ideal choice for Portuguese criminal record translation, due to:

1. Our expertise in handling certified translations: Our extensive experience includes efficiently and reliably handling every element of the translation and notarization.

2. Our commitment to accuracy:
We provide exceptional attention to detail and accuracy, then deliver by email for ultimate convenience.

3. The advantage of having certified and licensed translators:
Our network of certified and licensed translators means we have the right linguist for every project.

The Result

The client needed us to translate a criminal record into Portuguese so that it could speedily proceed with employing and onboarding an international member of staff. Our efficient and swift translation and notarization service meant that could happen without undue delay.

Our Portuguese criminal record translation supported the client in streamlining its international background checks. This meant the firm could comply with all relevant employment legislation while also moving swiftly forward with its recruitment process. The company could therefore pursue its financial and operational objectives without legal compliance being a headache – Tomedes provided peace of mind in relation to the entire Portuguese background check translation.


Reliable translation services are crucial for legal documents such as criminal records. If your business needs an efficient background check translation service, it’s time to talk to Tomedes. We can provide the accurate, notarized translations you need for legal compliance.

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