Tomedes and Our Partnerting Law Firm: Helping Families Around the World with the Adoption Process

Explore the considerations of intercountry adoptions in the U.S. and what role law practitioners take on it. Learn how Tomedes aids in legal translations for adoption firms.

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On-going Translation Support for Adoption Law Practitioners

August 15, 2023

As of 2022, there were 1,517 intercountry adoptions involving immigration to the United States, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs. These figures encompass a broad spectrum of cases, reflecting adoptions that occurred both under and outside the guidelines of the Hague Adoption Convention.

The Hague Convention aims to ensure that intercountry adoptions are carried out in the best interests of the child. It has been instrumental in shaping international adoption policies. The U.S., as a signatory of the convention, processes adoptions from both Hague and non-Hague countries. Given that the adoption landscape is complex and multifaceted – interwoven with legal, cultural, and procedural considerations – effectively addressing every consideration allows for providing stable and loving homes for children around the world.

A Challenging and Fulfilling Endeavor

For adopting parents/individuals, fostering a child offers values that are only truly understandable to other parties with the same struggles. The emotional fulfillment of finally having a completed family unit cultivates a nurturing environment – both for the adopting party and the adopted. For biological families, on the other hand, this process ensures that their child would have a greater chance of having things that they would otherwise struggle to provide. Adoption is a means to advance the best interest of the biological family.

However, it must be acknowledged that adoptions are never easy. This endeavor is resource intensive for adopting parents, whether that be money, time, or attention. Conversely, it is an especially sensitive time for biological families for the process involves difficult decisions, emotional struggles, and can be a deeply personal (sometimes agonizing) journey.

The Role of Law Practitioners and Their Language Needs

Law practitioners know that engaging in any adoption process entails legal, ethical, economic, and practical considerations. Through adoption laws, they are provided with guidelines and frameworks that delineate the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved, bringing legal clarity to the often complex process. From an economic perspective, adoption cases represent a specialized area within family law – generating business opportunities for law firms, social workers, and other professionals involved. 

Naturally, this specialized field comes with its own set of challenges. More so if the case at hand involves international coordination. Based on our experience, here are the most common pain points that we cover for law firms:

- Providing bilingual versions of official government-issued documents

- Translating multiple documents to required respective language pairs

- Partnering with an ISO-certified translation provider with an eye for quality and capability of meeting tight deadlines

The international legal process can be intricate and time-consuming, marked by extensive paperwork and legal hurdles that may prove challenging for even the most seasoned law practitioners to navigate. By partnering with Tomedes, law practitioners are ensured that any of their official documents are valid and accurate.

Benefits Law Firms Get from Partnering with Tomedes

Tomedes has an on-going partnership with a law firm that  has been instrumental in streamlining various international adoption processes. Since 2021, this partner has consistently sought our aid for the following needs:

- Bulk translation of official adoption requirements (for both adopting and biological parties)

- Providing bilingual versions of comprehensive legal agreements

- Enlisting licensed legal translators fit for the overall scope of the adoption process

For us, this collaboration is a testament to the value that we put on efficiency, collaboration, and expertise. As an in-demand law firm, our partner is able to circumvent language barriers and practice their expertise. Our use of the best and latest technologies available in the legal industry allows our partner to take on cases that entail multiple languages and various terminologies. This synergy between legal expertise and practical technological application epitomizes a modern approach to law, where collaboration fosters a more responsive and humane legal landscape.

As a translation service provider, we always take pride in being able to legally aid any client – in turn, allowing them to legally provide for stakeholders in need of assistance.

A Few Last Words

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