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Penetrate Global Markets with Tomedes’ Business Language Solutions

May 26, 2023

Translation is invaluable when it comes to moving products smoothly around the world. It was with this in mind that a recent client reached out to us –  to translate the product labels for their packaging goods from English to Korean. We were delighted to support them with their business translation needs, which related to the manufacturing of packaging within the fashion and textile industry. 



The Challenge of Breaking into New Markets

Entering a new marketplace with your goods or services is both exciting and stressful. There is enormous potential to make money when tapping into a whole new audience. However, there are also plenty of practicalities to take care of, including the legalities relating to how your products are manufactured, labelled, and sold. 


Product labelling, in particular, is something that a high-quality translation service can help with. In the case of our recent client, their products were already for sale in various parts of Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the United States. Now, they had the Korean market in their sights. The task was to translate all of their product packaging into Korean and ensure that everything they sold met local requirements in terms of labelling. 


Enter Tomedes’ English to Korean translation service. Demand for Korean translation has been strong in recent years, meaning we have a bank of skilled business and marketing translators available to undertake such work. South Korea’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth is forecast to hit 1.6% during 2023, following growth of 2.6% in 2022. The active business environment is encouraging many international companies to engage with the South Korean market.



Why Tomedes Is the Right Choice for Product Label Translation 

The client was looking for a combination of high-quality translation services (including an element of quality assurance) plus a speedy turnaround time. Having taken the decision to enter the Korean marketplace, the client wanted to move ahead with all possible speed. They were also looking for a great price for their fashion and textile translation job, to keep their costs as tightly under control as possible.


Tomedes ticked all three boxes. We hold three ISO certifications relating to the translation services that we provide: ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems, ISO 17100:2015 – Translation Services, and ISO 18587:2017 – Machine Translation Post-Editing. This meant that the client was suitably reassured as to the quality of the product label translations that they would receive.


We are also able to work with businesses to meet tight turnaround times when it comes to the delivery of translations. We have a wide network of translators, including English to Korean translators with experience of working on a diverse range of commercial documents and products. This means that we can quickly access the linguistic expertise that our clients require, along with sector-specific experience that means our translators are well suited to the type of translation that they undertake.


In terms of price, providing affordable (as well as speedy) translation services to business clients has been at the heart of Tomedes’ offering since the company was founded back in 2007. As such, the client was delighted to appoint Tomedes to undertake their English to Korean product label translation.



How Translation Services Solve Businesses’ Pain Points

For any translation job, Tomedes retains an awareness of the purpose of the translation. In this case, the client wanted to enter the Korean marketplace swiftly and seamlessly with its manufactured packaging goods. Our focus was on providing rapid and high-quality product label translation to enable them to do this.


We worked closely with the client to understand their brand positioning and the direction of their marketing efforts in the countries in which they were already active. This is an important part of any marketing translation, as it means we can perfectly align our work with the client’s needs. For product labelling translation, it is also essential to ensure compliance with local legal requirements in terms of what needs to be on each package.


Our native Korean translator then got to work, applying both her linguistic skills and her extensive experience in business translation to the task. Queries during the process – something which arise naturally during most translations – were addressed rapidly with the client. This meant we were able to deliver a translation slightly ahead of the client’s deadline.



Delivering Results for Our Translation Clients

The Tomedes team takes pride in meeting and beating our clients’ expectations. In this case, that meant delivering high-quality product label translation at a great price, before the client’s deadline. Given the client’s focus on a rapid entry into the Korean marketplace, they were particularly pleased that we had achieved this.

If your business is in need of translations for manufacturing purposes that focus on supporting you to achieve your goals, why not get in touch with the Tomedes team? We are here 24/7 to respond rapidly to all your translation needs.

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