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Perfect Icelandic Translation

April 30, 2017

By Ofer Tirosh

Icelandic is a North Germanic language with around 331,000 speakers, around 320,000 of whom live in Iceland (with the remainder based mainly in Denmark). A client recently asked Tomedes to help with her research project by translating a series of newspaper articles from Icelandic to English. 

We were happy to help. With over 5,000 talented linguists in our professional translation network, we pride ourselves on being able to find the right translator for every job. On this occasion, we turned to one of our Icelandic translators based in London, where he had gone to study and then settled after gaining his qualifications. Being able to speak both Icelandic and English flawlessly meant that he was the ideal candidate for this job. 

The client had emailed us all of the newspaper articles that he wanted translated, so we lost no time in getting to work. The client had tried to translate one of the articles herself originally, by typing sections of the article into a computer translation website. However, the number of letters with diacritics (accents and glyphs added to letters) and the presence of letters that weren’t part of the English alphabet meant that she quickly found the task to be impossible. She realized that human translation was the only way forward if she wanted to understand the articles and incorporate them into her research. 

As her research project was part of her studies, the client asked for a certificate of translation to accompany the translated articles. Certified translation can be provided for any document. It confirms that the translation is a true and exact copy of the original document. 

It took our professional Icelandic translator just three days to complete the work and the client was thrilled with how quickly she received the translations. She was also delighted with the high quality of the work, which enabled her to move on to the next step in her project. 

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