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A new client recently asked Tomedes to support him with the translation of a set of business documents from Greek to English.

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Great Greek Translation

December 21, 2016

A new client recently asked Tomedes to support him with the translation of a set of business documents from Greek to English. We were delighted to be able to help. As the paperwork was legal in nature, we used a specialist legal translator to undertake this work and ensure that the English version of the documents was perfectly accurate in terms of the legal terminology used. 

Legal translation is just one of several specialist areas of translation that Tomedes is able to offer to our clients. We also cover medical translation, literary translation and software/app translation, using translators with specialised skills and knowledge for all such tasks. We carefully pair our translators’ talents with our clients’ needs in order to ensure an appropriate match. 

For this client, word-perfect translation was essential. He had already tried to undertake the translation using a machine translation app on his mobile phone. While his English wasn’t perfect, it was good enough to detect that the translation was not of high enough quality for him to rely on. However, Tomedes was able to step in where machine translation had failed. This is thanks to our network of 5,000 professional human translators spread around the world. Thanks to these highly qualified and skilled individuals, we are able to operate a 24/7 translation service that delivers a vast range of language pairings. 

Our leading Greek to English translator, who had moved from Cyprus to the UK as a child and was fluent in both languages, made quick work of this translation. Her keen eye for detail and outstanding language skills meant that we were able to provide the client with a flawless translation, well within his deadline. We were also well within his budget, so he was more than pleased with the Tomedes service!

Tomedes has translators available for every business need – just let us know what you want translated and we’ll do the rest. Please contact Tomedes for further details. 

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