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Tomedes recently helped a client with a German to English audio translation in the battle against COVID-19.

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COVID-19 German to English Audio Translation Services

April 21, 2020

Every country is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak in its own way, from travel and movement restrictions to the wearing of face masks and a huge range of other measures designed to stop the spread of the virus. 

And within each country, private, public and voluntary sector organisations of all shapes and sizes are also handling the coronavirus pandemic in their own unique ways. For those dealing with service users/customers/clients/patients who speak a minority language as their first tongue, it’s important that the organisations reach out in the right way. 

Accurate Transcription Services

It was knowledge of this that led a recent client in the direction of Tomedes. He had an audio file that he needed transcribed and translated from German to English. As the content was related to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was relying on Tomedes’ transcription service to provide him with accuracy and quality. We were delighted to step up to the mark! 

Tomedes has been focusing on providing high quality audio transcription services for over a decade, as demand for audio translation (along with video translation) has increased hugely. We have built up a global network of skilled transcriptionists, meaning that we can work with files in a wide range of languages at very short notice.  

In this instance, the client wanted to deliver information to an English-speaking community in Germany by having a member of the community read and record a translation of his original audio file. As such, he needed us to transcribe the original German audio content, then translate it into English. All with no time to lose, of course, as is the case with most of the COVID-19 medical translation jobs that we work on.  

We assigned our top German to English translator, who got to work straight away. An old hand at audio transcription, she made short work of converting the audio to text, producing a flawless transcription in good time. 

Professional Audio Translation

After transcribing the audio file perfectly, our translator got to work on the German to English translation part of the job. A skilled English translator who has been in the industry for many years, she was able to take a calm and collected approach to the audio translation work, despite the pressure of the client’s short deadline. 

Accuracy is the cornerstone of Tomedes’ top quality medical translation services. It’s why we’ve take such care in building up our network of expert translators over the past 13 years. We commit to providing each and every client with an outstanding translation, with our customer service being a key aspect of our approach. 

In the case of this client, our German to English translation services needed to be not only accurate but swift. Countries across the globe are trying to act fast in order to quell the spread of COVID-19 and information sharing is a fundamental part of that effort. As such, we understood from the outset how important the client’s translation was and why. 

Certified German to English Medical Translations

Appreciating the value of accuracy over the years has led Tomedes to issue a quality guarantee with each of the translations that we provide. This lasts for a full year after we have undertaken the translation and applies to our video and audio translation services as well as to the translation of written documents. It covers English translations, Spanish translations, French translations… essentially anything that we work on! 

Tomedes is also happy to issue a certificate of translation for any job that we undertake. This document certifies that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original. 

Certification also plays a role in who we permit to join our network of professional translators. Becoming a medical translator isn’t something that just happens overnight. It requires exceptional skill with languages and a comprehensive ability to translate medical terminology. 

As such, many countries required that their medical translators pass certain quality assurance tests in order to undertake their work. It is people who hold these qualifications that make up the Tomedes medical translation network. 

Voice-over Services by our Professional Linguists 

While this client was only after online transcription and translation services for his audio recording, Tomedes is also used to working with clients who need us to provide voice-over services. This is often the case where the client has translated content to the target language but doesn’t have access to anyone who both speaks that language natively and who has the panache required to deliver audio content in an engaging manner. 

Those needing voice-over artists simply need to let us know when we undertake the job. That way, we can ensure that the perfect person is in place to record the voiceover the moment the translation element of the work has finished. 

For audio, video and document translation relating to COVID-19, the pressure is on. There is no room for error here. That’s why we’ve set up the Tomedes Crisis Communication Center – so that clients both old and new can have access to the expertise they need in order that we can beat the unseen enemy together. 

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