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If you’re looking for an international translation company in Boston, Tomedes has you covered. About 194,000 of Boston’s residents are from different countries, so it’s imperative to find translation services for Boston that can relate to this demographic and beyond. With the client at the heart of our philosophy, our clients have rated us 4.8 out of 5 stars, with a 97% client satisfaction rate. You can trust Tomedes to broaden your horizons.

Audio Translation as a Marketing and Business Translation Tool

Audio translation can encompass a large amount of translation projects, needs and requirements. Some audio translation is a simple voice over translation for something like e-learning materials, or an audio book translation and recording. Other types include audio transcription translation; when the source language is audio recorded, and the final delivery is a written document translation, transcribed from the audio recording. For example, sometimes clients will request Greek to English transcribed translation. In this case, the final delivered translation would be a Greek document translation of audio recording.

Audio Translation for Voice Overs, E-learning, Audio Books and More

Audio translation, whether audio transcription translation, voice over translation, or other audio translation materials, are important for e-learning businesses, language learning software and online language e-learning sites, audio books, software with audio instructions, and many other business and service tools. To get a free quote for any audio translation, audio transcription translation, voice over or any other audio translation, simply send us your audio file at Whenever possible, please provide a written copy to accompany the source language for our reference. This will help us to offer the lowest translation cost possible.

A few examples of audio translations in some common languages are:

  • Voice over translation from English to Spanish for software audio instruction manuals, audio recordings for marketing and advertising translation, and much more.
  • Audio book translation from French to English, Russian literary translation for audio books, Spanish audio textbook translation, and other kinds of books.
  • The video can be translated either from its transcription, or directly from the video file. The translation will take the words spoken in the original video and convert them into the required language.
  • Audio to audio translation - this is one of the most simple forms of audio translations; requiring a simple spoken translation of the source language to the target language. The final audio format or file type for delivery will vary from client to client.
  • Website audio translation for e-learning websites, instructional and tutorial website content, website localization with audio translation, and much more. Recently a client needed Arabic translation for audio recorded content on his e-learning site.

While we emphasize that we can provide any kind of professional document translation service, we can also provide audio language translation in nearly any language, or for any reason. With a network of over 5,000 translations with industry-specific translation experience, we continue to be a global leading translation company.

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