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Language Services and Resources for Transitioning Through Recovery

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In the current crisis, with its severe disruption of “business as usual”, we have set up a crisis taskforce to support companies who need to communicate with external customers, stakeholders and their own dispersed staffs, many working from home.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver urgent services. Our “virtual” communications agency deploys geographically dispersed teams across borders and time zones, connecting them efficiently with customers and each other. Translators, transcribers, phone and video interpreters are on call for you.

Throughout this crisis, on this page, we will be sharing that acquired wisdom, useful resources, and actionable best practices to help our partners and customers pivot to recovery. Here we will impart the best of what we know, so all of us can get through this time together and emerge stronger than ever.

At Your Service from Crisis through Recovery

Tomedes delivers quick-turn language and support services you need in these critical times:

Phone & Video Remote Interpretation

Interpreting remotely over the phone or via videoconference so you can communicate accurately with foreign language speakers

Customer Service

Responding to and supporting in multiple languages your international customers when they call, text, or email

Translation &

Translating documents, presentations, and websites as well as localizing software applications and social media for new markets


Adapting content so that it accurately conveys your intent, style, tone, and context across linguistic and cultural borders

Internal Communications

Here are some of the tools and techniques we use to connect dispersed work teams. Telework is the way we have been doing business for more than a decade, and we will share the best practices and resources we have learned along the way to keep your teams responsive, motivated, and productive.

Internal Communications

Here are some of the tools and techniques we use to connect dispersed work teams. Telework is the way we have been doing business for more than a decade, and we will share the best practices and resources we have learned along the way to keep your teams responsive, motivated, and productive.


Among the most urgent needs in the crisis are for rapid medical translation and medical interpretation. This is essential for healthcare providers, researchers, and public health officials. This includes the multilingual preparation of papers, presentations, reports and collateral. Delivery of Over the Phone and Remote Video Interpretation – simultaneous and consecutive – is in exceptionally high demand. Transcription services are also required to transform audio and video content into more practical text summaries. Tomedes can help you deploy a remote interpretation platform (phone / video) or deliver on-demand services for translators, transcribers, and interpreters as required.


The Coronavirus Crisis has increased the importance of electronic commerce and expanded potential markets. But with this shift has come a growing need for multilingual communication. This includes urgent communications with vendors and distributors in foreign countries as well as the pressing need for expanded customer service support in various languages to cope with disruptions, complaints, explanations and retention efforts. Multilingual websites and apps need to be more frequently updated to cope with the fast-changing situation. Tomedes brings 13 years of global experience to assist its commerce partners with quick-turn translation and localization projects in more than 100 languages.


The world economy is in flux, and the great uncertainty places a heavy burden on all those involve in financial activity. This is true for banking and brokerage, accounting and insurance. It is true for policy makers and those who implement that policy. And it is certainly true for all those responsible for reporting this information to multilingual stakeholders, businesses and the general public. In a global pandemic, the need for communications is international. Even for domestic communications, we live in culturally diverse locations with citizens who speak different languages and need to understand fast-changing financial and economic policy and directives. Fast turn document translation is essential, as is Over-the-Phone, remote video interpretation, and transcription for events and meetings

Social Services

Citizens around the world are in distress, and the nature of the global pandemic has imposed the necessity of social distancing. This compels tremendous changes in our society and pushes face-to-face communications into the virtual realm. Increasingly, citizens – especially those most at risk -- will need to receive services not facing another person in physical space but via a computer screen. To communicate remotely, those who speak a minority language require online, on-demand language support from service providers. Tomedes manages geographically dispersed linguistic teams to deliver local solutions. We apply AI-driven technology and deploy online multilingual services, with remote phone and video interpreters and translators – on call where and when they are needed.

Small Businesses

Small and medium enterprises bear the brunt of the global pandemic. They are less equipped to endure sustained shutdowns, supply and service disruptions. They are more affected by employees compelled to work from home. To survive, they need to keep communicating with globally dispersed suppliers, partners, and customers under conditions of severe disruption. To cope, many SMEs are seeking teleworking solutions to keep their staff productive and effective. Tomedes brings 13 years of experience in managing communications across linguistic borders, remotely and efficiently. Whether the need is for quick-turn document translation, Over-the-Phone interpretation, or setting up teleworking and videoconference solutions for multilingual workforces, we help small businesses weather the storm.

Travel Industry

Global travel and hospitality industries have been battered, but their battle is just beginning. On the horizon is a sustained effort to serve and retain customers across the world, and to rebuild service offerings. That means localized systems and multilingual resources in place to deal with the surge of service requests from customers whose flights and reservations have been canceled. Multilingual messaging via websites, apps, and emails needs to be updated constantly. Tomedes brings more than a decade of experience delivering such solutions remotely, and on short notice. Our services include language support for call centers and quick-turn assistance communicating with foreign language partners and customers. We can provide over the phone and remote video interpretation or help set up ongoing teleworking and videoconferencing solutions.

Media and Entertainment

More than ever before, the world’s citizens, many home-bound, depend on media to inform and entertain us during this crisis. Increasingly, as established companies are affected by quarantines, lockdowns, and social distancing restrictions, media producers must seek alternative methods to get their messages out. Ironically, the global pandemic has brought us together in a shared experience that transcends borders and language barriers. But with this remarkable development has come a greater need for methods to overcome language differences. The Tomedes crisis taskforce is intensively engaged in helping our partners and clients, providing services and resource to expand your reach across the world with on-demand phone and video interpreters, transcription and translation services.

Technology Services

Technology companies are more prepared than others in familiarity with teleworking and other virtual services. They recognize the importance of software localization, in websites and applications, to reach dispersed B2B customers and B2C consumers online. The need to overcome language and national borders has never been greater, and we’ve set up our crisis taskforce to assist tech firms in continuing and expanding their teleworking and virtual outreach to their markets and target audiences. Our multilingual support team is fully activated and engaged to provide quick turn, on demand services across the communications spectrum: transcription and translation services, video and phone interpreters, localization of websites and mobile apps – whatever you need, when you need it.

E-learning Services

As schools and university close or transition from traditional education to distance learning methods, there’s a huge demand for optimized services and solutions to link educators and students to ensure continuity. Tomedes has long been in the business of elearning and teleworking, networking worldwide teams of skilled linguists to deliver on-demand, quick-terms solutions to our tens of thousands of clients. Our crisis taskforce is ready and well-equipped to help deploy distance learning and cross-language communications solutions to schools and universities, especially those which require multilingual support. Whether your organization require videoconference platforms, phone or video interpreters, transcription or translation services, our expert linguists and technologists are on call to service you.

Security and Public Safety

Governments and organization every level seek urgently to develop systems and solutions to safeguard the general public, healthcare providers, first responders, and vulnerable populations. The Tomedes crisis taskforce has been set up to respond immediately to these needs with a focus on deploying communications and language services that overcome language barriers. Our global teams are fully engaged to support effective outreach and engagement of culturally and linguistically diverse populations. On short notice, we can deliver translation services for websites, apps, and documents as well as real-time or recorded interpretation and transcription solutions, including phone and video interpreters to accompany briefings and events. Supporting more than 100 languages, we can deliver multilingual solutions for every dimension of public and health security.

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