French Voice-overs: Tomedes for the Telehealth Industry

Tomedes provides translated voiceover services any industry related needs. In this particular case, we aided a company from the telehealth industry.

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Tomedes Makes Telehealth Accessible to Stakeholders Despite Language Barriers

May 26, 2023

Tomedes believes that language barriers shouldn’t hamper businesses, healthcare access, customer service, or anything else. We do our best to bridge every language gap that comes our way to improve the quality of life of various people across the globe. This was the case for a telehealth firm that we recently supported to connect with a new group of stakeholders. We are particularly proud of this milestone, knowing full well how our efforts improve the daily lives of the elderly and the ailing.

The Challenge of Delivering Accessibility Through Voiceover Translation

Making telehealth products such as two-way voice mobile medical alerts and personal safety systems more accessible requires careful thought. The nature of the products means that they need to be easy to use, including by seniors, by individuals with disabilities, by people living with dementia, and more. 

Voiceover services can do much to enhance the accessibility and usability of such devices – and with the translation of voiceovers into other languages, it opens up access to even wider audiences. This was precisely what our telehealth client needed to achieve for their in-home and mobile medical alert products. 


Adding voiceover functionality can take many forms, all of them with the potential to benefit end users of medical devices. Text-to-speech conversion can convert written information into audible speech, while voice guidance can support users to navigate menus. Auditory notifications can be extremely useful too, for everything from emergency alerts to reminders to take medication. 



Why the Client Chose to Translate Voice Overs with Tomedes

This client needed French translation for its medical device voiceovers, which had originally been recorded in English. After assessing the potential of several translation services, the client chose Tomedes based on several factors. 


Chief among these was Tomedes’ commitment to quality. We hold three ISO certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems, which was particularly relevant to this client. As a telehealth service, quality, security, and superb customer care are always central to the client’s focus. The latter was another point in Tomedes’ favor, with our customer support team on hand to support our global client base 24/7.  


Language expertise and medical sector experience were also important to the client and again Tomedes came up trumps. We work with an international network of translators that we have built up over the past 15 years, meaning we can swiftly find the perfect translator for every client. In this instance, that meant finding a native Canadian French translator who had previously translated medical products, which was precisely what we did. This ability to source expert translators with very specific sector-related experience is one reason that Tomedes is able to support a global client base with such diverse and wide-ranging requirements.  



Solving Healthcare Provision Issues One Language at a Time

Tomedes’ language solutions for businesses are designed to slot easily into our clients’ operations. We understand the value of seamless service provision that leaves clients free to concentrate on their day-to-day operations, while we work diligently in the background to provide the translations they need. 


As we work with a wide range of file formats, the client was easily able to upload its English-language voiceovers. Our client manager confirmed receipt of the files and then we got to work. 


Where content is provided as audio files, as it was in this instance, the Tomedes team can transcribe it as well as translate it. We can also provide voiceover services to deliver the recordings back to the client in the new language – in this case, in Canadian French. 


Paying attention to localized needs was a key part of the solution for this client. Not only did the terminology used in the translation need to suit French Canadian audiences but so did the choice of voiceover artist. Tomedes ensured that this was the case, delivering the voiceover translations precisely in line with the client’s needs. 



The Result: Translations to Support Business Growth

Tomedes delivers translations related to software in a wide range of fields. For this telehealth client, our attention to detail and high-quality service were spot on. The client is now able to expand the market for its mobile medical alerts and personal safety products to a wider audience. Not only will this support the business to grow, but it will also provide much-needed safety for all those using the devices. 


The client was delighted with the service Tomedes provided. Not only was the voiceover translation beautifully localized to meet the client’s needs but the overall process of obtaining the translation had been slick and efficient. For a business busy implementing a significant growth strategy, this was particularly important. It meant that the translation process supported operational achievement, rather than becoming a time drain and distracting from it. 

If your business is in need of a top quality translation service to support its international expansion and growth, why not get in touch with the Tomedes team? We are available all day, every day, to discuss how we can help with your translation needs – no matter what they may be.

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