Extending Research and Development to International Distributors with Legal Translations

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Extending Research & Development to International Distributors

September 20, 2023

Since 2010, US expenditure for research and development (R&D) has been steadily increasing on a yearly basis. It has also been cited that R&D expenditure accounts for 3.45% of total US spending for 2020 – which is roughly $716 billion. Data available indicates that this further increased by $51 billion in 2021.

This commitment to innovation brought about by the rise of technology-intensive sectors, and the constant pursuit for competitive advantage on the global stage are among the driving forces behind this growth. While the private sector of the country accounts for the majority of R&D spending, the federal government remains a key player - continuously funding basic research and laying the groundwork for technological advancements.

This effective partnership between the government and the private sector allows for innovation that improves the quality of life of many individuals.


Our Client

Our client is a multifaceted entity catering to several advanced technology domains, with a strong emphasis on ethics, safety, and environmental responsibility. They allow for growth in sectors that demand sophisticated technologies. 

Furthermore, this particular client prioritizes compliance with environmental policies, actively seeking for innovative ways to enhance their products  while reducing their carbon footprint. They emphasize continuous improvement in health and safety practices, notably stating that they are dedicated to providing a secure work environment for employees around the globe. Recognizing the significance of cybersecurity in our age, this client also aids in the development of  top-tier security protocols and software. The majority of their operations are spread across the United States, the UK, Canada, and parts of Europe.

Some key markets that we also help with include: aerospace, defense, factory automation, electronics design, pharmaceutical research, environmental monitoring, among many others.


The Challenge

Legal translation is a meticulous task. For clients who operate in multiple industries and jurisdictions, they face many unique and significantly more complex challenges. Apart from the languages that they need to cover, they must also consider various jurisdiction-specific policies – whether that be for employment, partnership, or dispute resolution.

Here are the most common cross-border needs of this particular client:

Supply and Purchasing Agreement for Hardware/Software:
This document ensures mutual understanding. The translation upholds contractual integrity and guarantees alignment with local regulations. Potential disputes or financial losses in international business operations are mitigated through it.

Licensing and Distribution Agreement:
Accurate translations guarantee that all parties comprehend their rights, responsibilities, and limitations. Through ensuring legal compliance, smooth international distribution operations can commence without jeopardizing relationships or business outcomes.

Legal Correspondence with International Governments:
Precise translation maintains the integrity of legal communications, ensuring clarity in international legal matters. It effectively safeguards against potential misinterpretations that could lead to legal ramifications or tarnished brand identities.

Internal Communication Across International Offices:
Effective translations foster cohesive company culture. This allows companies to proceed with business strategies with minimal to no hindrances. The promotion of mutual understanding among employees across different linguistic backgrounds boosts efficiency and morale.

Translation of Online User Agreements:
For global platforms, translated user agreements ensure that all international users understand terms of use, promoting trust and increasing user compliance. Through such measures, businesses can be safe from potential legal disputes and financial losses.

For clients operating in diverse fields and jurisdictions, it's crucial to work with experienced legal translators or accredited translation agencies that understand the intricacies involved for official translations.

Why Tomedes?

A professional translation company plays a critical role in addressing the challenges of translating legal and technical documents, especially for diversified multinational clients. At Tomedes, we maintain a robust roster of translators who specialize in various specific fields. We employ a rigorous quality assurance process, which often includes multiple rounds of editing and proofreading by separate experts to ensure accuracy and consistency.56

What values do we bring to the table?

Coverage of Multiple Language Pairs: For this particular client, we were able to provide them with legal translations across 10 language pairs – involving English and major languages in Europe/Asia.

Deployment of Native Legal Trade Experts: We only draft and deploy translators that are perfect for our clients’ needs. Given clients that operate in multiple countries, the legal documents might have to adhere to different legal systems and terminologies. By deploying expert native translators, we are certain that translations remain compliant and capture regional variations.

Immediate Correspondence and Quick Turnaround: Customer satisfaction is at the core of our operation. With our collaborative approach, each project sails smoothly and efficiently. It allows us to take note of every need, ultimately allowing us to meet even the tightest deadlines. 

Bulk Request and Processing of any Document: You can resort to our services for all your translation needs. We are certain that we can help you out, whatever your niche or locale is. Tomedes essentially serves as a one-stop-shop for all our translation needs. The trust our clients give to us is rooted from the transparent and comprehensive pricing we provide for every project.

We have the combined expertise, tools, and project management needed to ensure that complex legal documents are accurately translated. For international businesses, partnering with such firms is often essential to maintain clarity, compliance, and professionalism across languages and jurisdictions.

The Result

In the evolving landscape of international research and development (R&D), legal translations play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth collaboration. Accurate translations of legal documents ensure that R&D innovations remain protected; collaboration expectations are clearly defined; and that compliance with various jurisdictional regulations is maintained. 

Moreover, operating in diverse technological domains and multiple countries propose even higher stakes. Fostering mutual understanding across international territories promotes a cohesive R&D environment and proper objective alignment. In essence, legal translations act as a linchpin that secures and facilitates the global R&D endeavors for the benefit of our global society.


Misunderstandings or misinterpretations can not only lead to legal disputes, but can also hinder progress. Make sure to work with trusted and accredited translation providers for any official translation needs.

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