Tomedes Expands Legal Education Through Translation & Subtitling Solutions

Tomedes’ translation and subtitling solutions helped a distinguished legal organization expand legal education availability throughout Southeast Asia.

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Tomedes Expands Legal Education Through Translation & Subtitling Solutions

April 21, 2023

United in Justice

Globalization has impacted every sector and industry following the growing interdependence of nations worldwide. The legal domain is no exception. There is a rising demand for cross-border legal knowledge and nurturing legal professionals who can navigate the complexities of international law. We at Tomedes are delighted to take part in this growth. Just recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a distinguished organization at the forefront of the United States’ legal institutions and abroad. This esteemed organization sought our specialized translation and subtitling expertise to broaden the accessibility of their educational resources and cater to a diverse audience throughout Southeast Asia.

A significant force within the legal domain, this organization relies on its extensive expertise and commitment to fostering justice to make a lasting impact on citizens around the world. With a long-standing history of promoting legal excellence, this client is dedicated to empowering legal professionals and upholding the highest ethical standards. For this crucial project, they sought a translation company with a proven track record of adhering to their high standards and providing exceptional translation services, including subtitling for their educational content.

An All-Encompassing Project

The project involved translating approximately 7,000 words and two 120-minute videos from English into Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese (traditional), Thai, and Vietnamese, along with subtitling two additional 180-minute videos in the same languages. Our team’s extensive experience with text and video materials, proficiency with the client’s learning platform, and all-inclusive professional video translation solutions–including transcription services–positioned Tomedes as the ideal partner for this ambitious undertaking.

At the core of this educational endeavor lies a compelling message of accessibility, inclusivity, and the importance of legal education. The project aimed to bridge language barriers and facilitate better understanding of legal principles for legal professionals across Southeast Asia, who increasingly navigate the complexities of a globalized legal landscape. 

The project’s success relied on our team’s linguistic expertise and cultural understanding, as well as our commitment to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard for quality management systems (QMS). It was vital to the client that the translated and subtitled materials not only inform but also inspire legal professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and resources needed to excel in their careers and promote justice and fairness for all.

Maintaining High-Quality Standards and Guaranteeing Impeccable Execution

Tomedes began the project by meticulously hand-selecting translators who were native speakers of each target language and demonstrated in-depth knowledge in both the legal and eLearning domains. This careful selection process ensured that the translators were highly qualified and well-suited for the task at hand.

Once the translators were chosen, they proceeded to translate the texts and create subtitles for the videos, ensuring accuracy, cultural relevance, and adherence to the specific requirements of the client. They took into account linguistic nuances and cultural intricacies to provide a polished final product.

Our skilled professionals then matched the translations to the video content by creating timestamps and adhering to the various rules of video translation. This attention to detail ensured a seamless and engaging experience for the viewers, with subtitles that flowed naturally with the video content.

Throughout the project, our dedicated project managers supervised the entire process, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient workflow from translation to subtitling. They maintained close communication with the client, keeping them informed at every stage and ensuring that their specific requirements were met.

Once the translations and subtitles were complete, Tomedes took over the end-to-end process by uploading the content onto the client’s learning platform. This streamlined approach allowed the client to focus on other aspects of their business, knowing that their project was in capable hands.

Tomedes’ commitment to efficiency and quality was evident as the entire project was completed within the agreed-upon three-week timeframe. Despite the ambitious scope of the project, we ensured that quality was never compromised while delivering the final product within the required schedule.

A Partnership Built on Trust, Excellence, and Shared Success

The client expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome of the project, which showcased Tomedes’ commitment to providing exceptional legal translation services and eLearning and training translation services. By delivering a captivating and accessible educational experience for legal professionals across Southeast Asia, we were able to exceed the client’s expectations and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Broadening Horizons for Legal Institutions Everywhere


Our ability to cater to the unique needs of each client, combined with our attention to quality and timely delivery, has reinforced our reputation as a trusted partner in the translation industry. We are proud that our solutions contribute to the aims of legal institutions around the world as they strive to protect liberty and pursue justice for citizens everywhere. This translation story serves as a testament to the hard work and expertise we bring to every collaboration, further solidifying our position as a reliable partner in the translation services industry.

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