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Tomedes translated a newsletter from English to French recently to help an international business to run more smoothly.

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English to French Newsletter Translation

January 27, 2014

Managing a company with offices in more than one country can be tricky, but informative multilingual tools such as the newsletter that Tomedes translated from English to French recently can ensure that international relations run a little more smoothly.

With the Tomedes translation service at hand, companies with staff in multiple offices can rest assured that at least their translation needs will be attended to without problems. We maintain a global network of professional translators with vast experience of translating business documents. This includes internal training manuals, legal correspondence and communications documents such as staff newsletters.

When recently asked to translate a company newsletter from English to French, we turned to one of our team members in Lille, whose background in a corporate communications team ensured she was the right fit for the job. She undertook the work quickly and efficiently, aware of the client’s extremely tight deadline for the translated newsletter.

The client, based in Hull, had experienced delays in receiving the information needed for the newsletter, so had less than 24 hours before she had to send out the translated version. Thankfully Tomedes prides itself on the speed and accuracy of its service – we were able to provide the client with a word-perfect French version of the newsletter in plenty of time for her deadline. 

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