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We provide business letter translations regularly for many of our clients, including company letters, insurance letters, legal letters, medical letters, and much more, often which are done in a few hours.

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Professional Business Letter Translation

November 26, 2010

Quick Letter Translation For Any Business

While emails and Twitter are still widely used for a wide array of business and marketing purposes, snail mail and business letters are still a necessity for most professional companies and private or small businesses. Whether they are response letters, letters of inquiry, or even pamphlets or marketing materials, business letter translation is essential in order to communicate on a global scale. International markets and clients are a day to day focus for many companies, and business letter translation to these parties requires professional quality and accuracy. To request business letter translation, or letter translation for any purpose, simply use the menu on the left to acquire an estimate, or email us at for a more customized quote of our extraordinarily low rates.

Just a few cases of recent business letter translation include an insurance company in Michigan, which needed translation for a business letter explaining insurance benefits to a new client/member in Thailand. We performed English to Thai translation of the insurance letter within one day, including the proofreading for quality assurance. Another recent example of fast translation service was a sales letter that we provided English to Italian translation for in a matter of a few hours. The sales letter was part of a presentation that our client was giving to an Italian speaking audience. From the time he got on his plane in New York, to the time he got to Paris, he had sent in his initial request, gotten our response and estimate, and had his completed Italian translation of the business letter.

Business Letter Translation to Financial Letter Translation Services

Other recent letter translations we have provided range from Hebrew to English translation, to Russian business translation for the same. Business letter translation occurs across many industries; everything from information technology translation (yes, even techies send snail mail occasionally) to legal translation, and technical translation to medical translation. The legal field especially, often needs translation of letters they send out, most of which need translation for clients in the same state or city. New York professionals serve many clients who speak languages of all kinds. It would not be uncommon at all for us to provide English to Polish translation of a letter to a New York resident on behalf of his or her lawyer or accountant. Medical insurance information is also sent out via snail mail, and sometimes individuals need technical translation in order to understand the content, even if they can speak English. Letter translation is one of the most widely requested translations by both individuals and businesses. In order to get an appropriate and accurate translation, contact a Tomedes translation company representative or Linguistic Services Manager today at , or by calling the office at one of our three international locations.

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