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Our translators are used to providing quick and accurate newsletter translations for many of our clients. Thanks to the wealth of professional translators that are registered with our agency, it’s never hard to match the perfect translator to a specific type of newsletter.

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Optimized Global Communication: Expert Newsletter Translations at Tomedes

Newsletters form an important part of your organization's communication. Often, brief snippets of news or recent company developments are required to be distributed to an international group of employees or shareholders. In addition to businesses, charities often rely on newsletters to accurately inform international supporters of what the charity’s been up to, and how donors are helping to make a difference in the lives of the recipients.

At Tomedes, we prioritize swift and precise newsletter translations, thanks to our vast pool of professional translators. We pair our clients with translators experienced in the relevant field for each project. This ensures contextual understanding, leading to impeccable translations.

Why Choose Tomedes’ Newsletter Translation Service

Explore our newsletter translation services, designed for precision, cultural sensitivity, security, and timely delivery. Contact us for your communication needs.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Tomedes is synonymous with accuracy. Offering a 1-year warranty on our translations, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach. Employing only the top native translators, our ISO-certified process guarantees precision every time.

Culturally Sensitive

Communication transcends words. At Tomedes, we don’t just translate - we adapt your company news to resonate with your audience. Our translators ensure your message remains culturally insightful and relevant.

Secure and Confidential

Internal communications should remain private. At Tomedes, we firmly believe in safeguarding your data. Our meticulous process ensures every piece of information remains confidential and protected.

Fast Turnaround Time

Some news simply can't wait. Recognizing the urgency, we are dedicated to a swift delivery without compromising on quality. Trust us to relay your important updates promptly and professionally.

Contact Us, Anytime, Anywhere

If you wish to inquire more about our newsletter translation service, why not contact a member of our team? They’ll be happy to give you more information or provide you with a quick, hassle-free quotation for your newsletter translation.

Corporate Newsletter Translation and More

At Tomedes, we specialize in a diverse range of newsletter translations, ensuring that every sector's unique communication needs are met with precision and cultural sensitivity. Hera are some of the newsletters we’ve translated over the years. 

  • checkCorporate Newsletter
  • checkEmployee Newsletter
  • checkTrade Newsletter
  • checkCommunity Newsletter
  • checkRetail/Marketing Newsletter
  • checkNGO and Charity Newsletter
  • checkEducational Newsletter
  • checkMedical and Health Newsletter
  • checkTechnical Newsletter
  • checkCultural and Art Newsletter

Flexible Translation Options for Your Newsletter

Discover our adaptable newsletter translation service and ensure your message reaches every reader effectively.

Full Translation

For a holistic approach, our full translation ensures your entire newsletter is rendered word-for-word in the desired language, ideal for businesses aiming to communicate comprehensively with a broader audience.

Partial Translation

Our partial newsletter translation service is tailored for clients who wish to translate specific sections like headlines or summaries. It's a budget-friendly choice, especially when dealing with technical or niche content.


When the essence and tone matter as much as the words, transcreation is the answer. Primarily for marketing or creative newsletters, we ensure your message remains engaging and culturally resonant.

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