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A developer recently approached Tomedes regarding his English to Swedish gaming app translation.

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Professional Swedish Translation

November 12, 2017

The global video games market continues to grow, with games now commanding bigger budgets and larger incomes than movies in many countries. However, you don’t have to have a Hollywood-rivalling budget in order to develop a video game. In this day and age, an exciting concept and programming skills can get you a long way. 

This was precisely the case for a developer who recently approached our translation company regarding his gaming app. The client needed his app translated from English to Swedish in order to market it there. His market research had shown him that his home-grown game, which had already enjoyed some success in England, was likely to be well received in Sweden. As such, he was looking to capitalise on the time he had invested in developing the game by maximising his returns. 

For a relatively low translation price, the client would be able to reach out to a whole new audience. Tomedes was delighted to be able to assist. 

Our professional Swedish translation service was able to convert the client’s gaming app from the original English to a flawless Swedish version. We liaised closely with the client throughout the project, to ensure that everything from character dialogue to programming code was translated as required. 

App translation of this nature is much in demand. After all, why would developers seek to limit their product to just one country, having invested so much time in creating it in the first place?

As an additional service for this client, we also undertook a brief video translation. The client had created a video advert for his game, which he had used to promote it on social media. He planned to replicate this strategy in Sweden and so asked Tomedes to translate the video as well as the app. We were of course delighted to be able to assist with both. 

If you have something that needs translating, speak to the Tomedes team today. You’ll be glad you did!  

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