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Why opt for
professional video translators?

Video Is Our Canvas

We create original translations, the source language transformed into a new language, through video rather than by using automatic translation software so that your translations are a work of art and not of a robot. We aim to inspire exploration into different languages through the visual form.

Language Is Our Game

All translation requires the best, expert language skills of the translator or transcriber. So much more so in video transcription and videa translation, where the translator must be versed in two or more languages, including hard-to-find languages. Translation fluency in these languages are what Tomedes is all about, which aims to inspire the world in language learning and advocacy.

How to translate your videos with Tomedes



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We will match you with a video translator whose expertise is in the languages of your choosing.

Translate your videos into over 120 languages and more than 950 language pairs

Leave your video transcription and translation to the hands of professional translators, who can translate in over 120 languages and more than 950 pairs. Tomedes includes rare languages, minority languages, and common languages in their repertoire. Through translation and transcription in various languages, your video can be more accessible to more viewers.


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Go beyond text

Voice Overs

Voice over generators can mimic a human voice, but there's nothing closer to a human voice than a human. At Tomedes, we are inspired by our smart human voice actors who are trained professionally in voice acting for the best voice overs for your videos.

Closed Captions

Our closed captions aim to inspire immersive experiences for the viewer that can go beyond text, allowing the hard of hearing or any ordinary viewer to experience the video. Closed captions are subtitled by expert subtitling translators so that the viewer can view the closed captions, in real-time, synced to the video.

On the dot

Time sync can only be done by translators who are experienced in video software, tools, and programs. This process is used to indicate at what time in the video a circumstance occurs, which gives way to the accurate application of subtitles. In the accuracy and attention-to-detail of time syncing, we hope to inspire viewers in language acquisition through film, movie, or video.



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