English to Punjabi business manual translation

A recent client realized the potential of business translation when he recruited a Punjabi-speaking team to his company.

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English to Punjabi business manual translation

November 08, 2017

Employing an overseas team for the first time is an exciting step for any company. However, it’s a process that is not without its challenges. Many of these relate to language, which is where professional translation services can be a huge help. 

A recent client realized the potential of tapping in to translation when he recruited a Punjabi-speaking team to provide support with one area of his business. Professional Punjabi translation is one of the many services that the Tomedes team is able to offer our clients around the world. 

In this case, it was a business manual translation that was the client’s most pressing translation need. His business manual contained all of the company policies and procedures, as well as operational directives on how the team should go about their work. As such, it was important that the manual was word perfect – anything less than an entirely accurate translation could lead to the company’s policies and practices being misinterpreted. 

Tomedes was happy to help. We understood the client’s need to keep the translation cost at a minimum and worked to ensure that we could deliver the translation within his budget. Indeed, it was the pricing transparency offered by our online quote tool that had originally drawn him to our company. 

Our translation company has a vast network of professional linguists based around the world, so finding the right person to produce the best translation is something upon which we pride ourselves. 

Tomedes also provides a range of complementary services. In this instance, the client took advantage of our desktop publishing service to ensure that his business manual was beautifully presented, ready for his new overseas team to use. 

Whatever your business translation entails, Tomedes can help. Our friendly, helpful team is available to discuss your needs and advise on the best approach. Please contact us for further details. 

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