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A recent client approached Tomedes to ask for his company manual to be translated from English to Hungarian.

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Professional Hungarian Translation

October 01, 2017

When you manage a business, there’s a huge amount to think about. When you manage a company that operates in multiple countries, there’s even more to deal with. Thankfully, professional business translation services exist in order to help companies manage their staff teams across multiple countries and languages. This helps companies to ensure that their staff are treated equally and held to the same high standards, no matter where they may be based. 

Managing multilingual staff teams of this nature is much easier when employees have access to company policies, procedures and quality standards in their own language. This was the thinking of a recent client, who approached Tomedes to ask for his company manual to be translated from English to Hungarian. Hungarian translation is no problem at all for our team, so we got straight to work. 

The company manual translation was a detailed job. The company included all of its operational procedures in the manual, as well as details of its values, standards and much more. This was why translating it was so important – it would act as the key document for informing the new Hungarian team of what was expected of them. 

The client had been attracted to our translation company by the live chat service available on the Tomedes website. He liked being able to engage instantly with our friendly and knowledgeable team. After that, we impressed him with our translation price and he quickly progressed to asking us to undertake his business manual translation. 

The manual contained several technical terms that were specific to the client’s industry, so our Hungarian translator liaised closely with the client to ensure that these were conveyed perfectly in the Hungarian version. The client was delighted to receive such an attentive and personalised service. 

The translated manual was delivered to the client in good time. He was thrilled at the professional translation service he had received and is already considering two further documents for translation into Hungarian by the Tomedes team. 

If you have a document that needs translation, don’t delay – contact the Tomedes team today! 

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