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Tomedes was asked to undertake the urgent translation of a batch of emails from English to Hindi - we raced the clock to get them translated in time!

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Urgent English to Hindi email translation and localization

June 22, 2016

English and Hindi is a language pairing that Tomedes is often asked to translate. There are some 400 million native English speakers and a further 1,100 million individuals around the world who speak it as a second language. Hindi has around 370 million first language speakers and 120 million second language speakers. 

With so many speakers of both English and Hindi, it’s easy to see how documents translated from one language to the other have the potential to reach a huge audience. However, there are significant cultural differences between countries which speak English as their main language and those that speak Hindi, meaning that translation services should also be accompanied by localization services to cut out any risk of inadvertently causing offence (or amusement) in the translated document. 

A recent client was well aware of this. She required a large batch of emails translated from English to Hindi and had been searching for a translation company that was also a localization company to undertake the job. Enter Tomedes!

Our professional translators are based around the world and we are pleased to be able to offer localization services for any of the language pairings that we offer. This client was in a hurry as she needed to send the emails out in just a couple of days’ time, so we got straight to work, assigning one of our Indian translation team to the task. He started immediately and worked his way swiftly and methodically through each of the emails. 

The Tomedes quality assurance team then stepped in, reviewing the translations to ensure that they met our rigorous standards (which they did) before the final documents could be sent back to the client. By ensuring that the translator sent each email to the quality assurance team as soon as it had been translated, we were able to check every document while still meeting the client’s urgent deadline. 

The client was delighted with our swift and thorough service, as well as the great value for money that she received from the Tomedes translation and localization service. It meant that she was able to send out her batches of emails with absolute confidence that they were conveying her message in perfect Hindi and without the risk of causing any inadvertent offence! 

If you have a document that needs translating, contact Tomedes today. 

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