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Recently, a client approached Tomedes with a raft of business documents that she needed translated from English to Arabic, including localization

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Awesome Arabic Translation

January 22, 2017

Corporate translation is an essential tool for many modern businesses. From small companies looking to source their goods from the most cost effective overseas supplier to giant corporations with staff on every continent, professional translation and localization services help the business world to operate efficiently and effectively.  

A localization company is one that doesn’t just translate the text supplied by the client, but also points out any changes that need to be made in order to ensure the copy fits with local language use, customs and so forth. Good localization services mean that companies can avoid inadvertently causing offence (or hilarity) when things get ‘lost in translation’ between the source language and the target audience. 

Recently, a client approached Tomedes with a raft of business documents that she needed translated from English to Arabic. The document ranged from the company handbook to staff newsletters. She wanted professional human translation of the documents, as well as a localization service. We were delighted to be able to assist on both counts.  

With 5,000 translators in our network, we operate a 24/7 translation service that covers a wide range of language pairings. Our professional Arabic translators are highly skilled and able to produce flawless Arabic translation to tight timescales – the perfect skill-set for this client. 

We got to work straight away on this batch of corporate documents, working methodically through them until the client had a full suite of documents in perfect Arabic. She was thrilled at the quick pace of our translation and the high standard of our work. Another satisfied Tomedes customer!

Our corporate translation and localization services are available for a vast array of languages. If your company has a document that needs translating, why not use our instant quote service to get the ball rolling?

You can also contact us by email, phone or web chat to discuss your translation needs in detail. 

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