Urgent Cuban Spanish to English business letter translation

A recent Tomedes client engaged our services to undertake a business translation, translating corporate letters from Cuban Spanish to US English.

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Professional business translation

May 23, 2018

When President Obama announced the resumption of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the US in December 2014, it marked the beginning of what has come to be known as the “Cuban Thaw.” Obama then became the first US president in 88 years to visit Cuba, in March 2016.

While a commercial, economic, and financial embargo still means it is illegal for companies in the US to do business with Cuba, the resumption of diplomatic relations and the lifting of travel and some banking restrictions has led to an increased need for professional translation services

A recent Tomedes client, for example, engaged our services to undertake a business translation, translating corporate letters from Cuban Spanish to US English. We were happy to help and immediately assigned our leading English business translator, based in New York, to undertake the work. Pairing the target language with the translator’s country in this way is one example of how we ensure accurate translations for all of our clients. 

By using Tomedes’ localization expertise, the client was also able to ensure that his business letters were entirely suited to his contacts. This was an important part of the translation work that we undertook, as the client needed to ensure that his business documents did not sound outdated or out of context in any way. 

Business translations of this nature help the working world go round and can be particularly useful in delicate situations, such as that between the US and Cuba. With the easing of remittances between the two countries since 2014, and US banks’ accessing the Cuban financial system, the need for accurate business correspondence translation between US English and Cuban Spanish has not been this great for over half a century. 

Whatever the reason for your business translation need, Tomedes can help. Our professional translators cover a vast range of language pairings and subject areas, so that you can find the right translator at the right price, whatever your work entails.

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