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Tomedes supported a cryptocurrency wallet provider to translate their product from English into multiple languages, including French, Spanish, Turkish, German, and Japanese.

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Tomedes Extends Cryptocurrency Wallet to Various Stakeholders Across the Globe

June 08, 2023

Tomedes recently supported a client with the translation of its crypto wallet investing tool from English to French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and Persian. Cryptocurrency was originally conceived as a more just and equitable alternative to existing currency systems. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin and author of the bitcoin white paper, stated in 2008 that it was created to be a more democratic, peer to peer form of currency, where no one party would dominate. All you need is an internet connection.  

However, language barriers can get in the way of such ideals. This is why Tomedes’ recent client wanted to make its crypto wallet offering available to as many individuals as possible. To do that, the client needed to reach out to users in their native languages. 

The Web3-smart client had designed its social wallet and investing tool for use by anyone with a cell phone. Its goal was to enable users to manage their decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) portfolios, irrespective of how they did so. To achieve this, the client’s innovative social wallet supported every chain and thousands of protocols, providing a single point of entry for users to manage their digital assets across every major wallet, network, and decentralized exchange.  

Having established its successful cryptocurrency wallet solution in English, the client was now seeking to expand into other languages. A survey by CSA Research of consumers in 29 countries found that 76% if them prefer to purchase products with information in their own language, while 40% will never buy from a site in another language. The figures highlight the need for anyone wanting to provide equitable access to their goods and services to translate their content–which is precisely what our recent client was doing.   


Removing the Language Challenge from International Expansion 

Clients who embrace technology as part of the solutions and services that they offer need accurate technical translation services to underpin their international expansion. In this case, the client wanted to reach new audiences in a wide range of countries in Europe and beyond, so it needed to translate its crypto wallet into those countries’ languages.  

The project involved the translation of thousands of XML strings, so that the client’s crypto wallet would function seamlessly and deliver a superb user experience, regardless of the user’s language. 

The client was committed to delivering its service in nine new languages as part of its international expansion plans. Yet more than focusing simply on growth, the client wanted the democratic nature of cryptocurrency to be reflected in its service provision. Excluding certain user groups based on their native language certainly didn’t fit with that aim–which is why it turned to Tomedes to elevate its global strategy and connect with more users. 


How Tomedes Helped  

Tomedes helps clients by making a point of being at the forefront of new technology. From blockchain to artificial intelligence and machine learning, our team remains relevant to clients’ needs by taking the time to understand how those needs are evolving.  

This client needed technically competent and linguistically talented translators covering a wide range of languages to work on its cryptocurrency wallet product. Such products work by holding users’ credentials as private keys, so that they can access the chains they need to invest in and trade different cryptocurrencies.  

By choosing Tomedes to undertake its translation work, the client was able to access the technical translation it needed, with the added peace of mind that comes with using ISO-certified services. 


Meeting Technical Translation Needs 

As part of its translation requirement, the client needed a service that could work with the file types it provided. XML files are used for website translation, software translation, and a range of other technical projects. The files store data as hierarchical elements so that computers can read the data with the aid of custom tags. As such, translating XML files is a core part of the work of any tech-savvy translation service.  

Tomedes allocated translators with previous experience working with XML files, and who had previously worked on projects relating to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This meant the client’s translation work could move ahead rapidly, with translators who understood not only the terminology involved but also the concepts behind DeFi and NFT portfolio management.  


The Result: Happy Client, Happy Users 

The client’s focus on user-centered design was reflected in the attention to detail it required from its translation project. Tomedes was delighted to provide meticulous services that more than met the client’s needs in this respect. Our French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and Persian translations of the client’s XML strings meant that the client could move ahead with delivering its social wallet and investing tool for users in multiple new territories. The client was happy and knew that its users would be, too.  

If you have a technical translation project, from software translation to app localization, please contact the Tomedes team.

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