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Consistent Financial Legal Support for International Documents

August 15, 2023

Cross-border legal financial translation is a highly specialized field that requires professionals from legal, financial, and often translation fields to collaborate. The success of such official proceedings is anchored on the following factors: level of expertise of the professionals involved, values of the institutions involved, and the proper utility of available technologies. With the perfect balance of these factors, any international legal financial translation need can be streamlined and met seamlessly.

Legal financial translation is at the end of the day an expert human endeavor, where knowledge on financial documents and legal process is paramount. As such, only licensed professionals (from recognized institutions/companies) can partake on the practice. Partnering with a professional translation provider alleviates the need for a language expert, allowing legal finance practitioners to focus their attention to the legal process itself. Translation solution providers should also have access to technologies that can further streamline the legal process of requests with bigger scopes.

The Role of Legal Practitioners on Official Financial Proceedings

The involvement of law practitioners in international financial processes can be generalized into three categories. Categories are as follows:

[1] Transaction and Compliance: Legal firms facilitate transactions through due diligence, contract drafting, regulatory compliance, tax planning, and investment management, ensuring adherence to laws, securities regulations, and international jurisdiction requirements.


[2] Restructuring, Protection, and Dispute Resolution: Legal firms handle dispute resolutions, provide bankruptcy and restructuring guidance, protect intellectual property, and ensure consumer protection, aligning with laws and regulations to safeguard clients' interests.


[3] Corporate Purposes: Legal firms advise on corporate governance, offer education and training to clients about financial law, ensuring companies operate in line with legal requirements and industry best practices.

Our Partner

One of Israel's prominent law firms over the last 30 years – affiliated with over 200 lawyers – recently became in touch with us. This particular partner extends their expertise to their clients by providing finance, tax, and real estate solutions.

Recognized internationally, they often need translations of documents in various language pairs. Their firm is revered for its dedication to innovation, deep legal expertise, ethics, and commitment.

Values We Are Able to Provide

Tomedes' commitment to accuracy and transparency guides our approach to all legal translations. By striving for the highest quality in language services, we ensure that every translated legal material is comprehensive and valid. At the same time, our transparency is apparent with the level of communication and honesty we provide to our partners.

For this particular legal parter, we were able to provide the following values:
- Certified translation of various legal documents (in bulk).

- Deployment of expert legal financial translators for any specific financial legal need.

- Translation for various language pairs

Through our adaptability and professionalism, we were able to establish a very fruitful relationship with this partner over the last quarter – and this is just the beginning. Through our collaboration, they were able to streamline process that took them extended duration to finish in the past. As a translation company, we’re always grateful for the trust our patters put on us – especially given how impactful every single document is to the lives of each of their clients.


Cross-border legal financial translation will forever stand out as a nuanced and intricate practice. Documents for such processes underscores the critical role of professionals in safeguarding the best interest of the law and society. 

Our collaboration with one of Israel's prominent law firms demonstrates this point perfectly. Both parties’ mutual dedication to accuracy, transparency, adaptability, and professionalism is the reason why many financial legal processes are pushed through. Together, they were able to optimize processes and build a partnership rooted in trust and efficacy, highlighting the profound impact of their work on their clients' lives.

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