Maintaining Compliance with California Education Code through Translation

Discover how California law firms ensure compliance with the state's educational code. Tomedes provides legal translations to safeguard marginalized students.

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Compliance with CA Education Code through Translation

September 06, 2023

The California Education Code stipulates that if 15% or more of the students at a school speak a primary language other than English, all communications within the school must be in both English and that primary language. Such communications come in the form of reports, statements, or forms. Additionally, these non-English-speaking families may opt to respond in either English or their primary language.

Law firms provide essential legal aid to academic institutions – ensuring compliance with all regulations and upholding student rights. Often, legal practitioners provide guidance for any student-related matters like discipline, disability accommodations, or discrimination claims. While educational institutions strive for amicable resolution of any dispute, legal representation becomes crucial for academic institutions to safeguard the interest of all their constituents.

Our Client

The client is a recognized law firm in California, possessing a robust network of over a couple hundred expert law practitioners and a track record that spans over four decades. Our client’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion distinguishes it as one of the nation's most diverse legal entities. Their dedication to excellence is evident in the numerous accolades they've received over the years. Currently, they have the trust of over 5,000 clients from both public and private sectors.

They also partake in initiatives that further improve the access of marginalized communities to education. It is a commonplace for their members to contribute to school districts, community foundations, and nonprofits – extending legal advice while doing so.

The Challenge

On an institutional level legal firms provide consultative insights on governance and board operations, thus ensuring strategies align with legal protocols and best practices. This relationship maintains the academic institutions' reputation and integrity within any given community. On the other hand, immigrant and non-English speaking students may face a myriad of challenges (i.e., cultural adjustment, gaps in prior education, traumatic experiences, etc.). Legal translation within academic institutions refers to the process of converting legal documents, terms, or content related to educational settings between different languages while ensuring accuracy and preserving the original intent. These translations are a means to foster accessibility and clarity among all concerned parties. Ultimately, such translations ensure equity and upholds students' rights.

What are the most commonly observed pain points from this particular client?

Urgent delivery of complete and accurate investigation reports: The legal domain is time-sensitive, where timely submission can heavily influence case outcomes. Delays or inaccuracies in investigation reports can jeopardize the defense or prosecution process.

Batches of multiple different document types: This client often deals with a compilation of varied documents that aims to enhance communication. Included in these batches was the translation of presentations, handouts, reports, forms, and witness statements. The presentations and handouts are especially vital as they serve to brief and inform families about official proceedings and their rights.

Expert native translator familiar with legalities in the state of California: Legal jargon can be intricate, and when coupled with language barriers becomes exponentialy complex. Having a translator who is not only proficient in the language but also acquainted with California's legal nuances is paramount. Such expertise guarantees that translations maintain their legal integirty.

Law firms commit to providing academic institutions with expert legal counsel – ensuring regulatory compliance, representing them in litigations, and safeguarding rights.

Why Tomedes?

Translation service providers also play a pivotal role in safeguarding the rights of the non-English speaking community by ensuring these individuals fully comprehend the whole process. When representing immigrants or refugees, accurate translation for law firms are indispensable to ensure that all parties are on the same page.

How do we aid legal firms and their stakeholders?

Open and clear communication: Vital for accurate understanding, preventing misinterpretations, and ensuring successful legal outcomes, as ambiguity can lead to potential liabilities or unintended consequences.

Making technical terms understandable to stakeholders: Enables informed decision-making, ensures clarity, and aids in comprehending the implications of legal documents, fostering trust and transparency.

Culturally sensitive translations: Ensures content resonates with diverse audiences, maintains respect for cultural nuances, and avoids unintended offense, promoting inclusivity and understanding in legal proceedings.

This accuracy becomes even more critical in cases involving non-US native populations. Intricacies pertaining to experiences, backgrounds, and overall context is necessary for such translations to be successful.

The Result

Our partnership with the law firm grants non-English speaking students access to expert legal guidance and addresses their unique challenges. Our clients involvement in educational initiatives emphasizes community upliftment, while our translation services ensure transparency and uphold students' rights. Emphasizing culturally sensitive translations, we promote mutual respect and understanding among all concerned parties.


A multifaceted partnership between the law firm and translation company underscores the profound commitment to enhancing educational accessibility and ensuring justice for non-English speaking communities. 

Are you in need of legal translation support? Check out our translation services to know how we can help.

The alignment of both entities focuses on bridging communication gaps, ensuring comprehensive legal guidance, and fostering a culture of understanding and respect. This synergy proves indispensable in championing the rights of marginalized students and upholding the integrity of educational institutions in California.


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