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Flawless Chinese Translation

October 29, 2017

By Ofer Tirosh

A new client recently asked Tomedes to undertake the translation of her marketing brochure from Chinese to US English. Although she spoke excellent English, her written skills were not as good and she wanted to ensure that her brochure was flawless. As such, she engaged our Chinese translation service in order to produce the perfect English version of her document. 

The client was well used to serving Chinese customers in the US, but now wanted to expand her business to serve English-speaking customers as well. With 283 million English speakers in the US, the potential to grow her company was huge! Our translation company was happy to help. 

Marketing translation is a specialist service. To ensure we always have the right skills available, Tomedes maintains a network of more than 5,000 professional translators, spread around the world. Their backgrounds include a hugely diverse range of experience. We keep many translators with top marketing translation skills in our network, as marketing translation is so sought after. For this client, we assigned our top, US-based Chinese marketing translator. We always seek to use a translator who is native to the target language/country as we find this results in a higher quality of translation. 

The translation cost was really important to this client as her budget wasn’t large. Thankfully, the value for money offered by Tomedes meant that she could afford a top quality translation without having to compromise in any way. 

The client was pleased to find that the translated version of her marketing brochure was absolutely word perfect. She was so pleased, in fact, that she has already asked the Tomedes team for details of our video translation service, with a view to translating one of her adverts into English as well. 

The Tomedes team is here to service all of your translation needs. Whatever you need translated, we can help. Contact us to find out more.

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