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Latin Translation Services by our Experts

February 17, 2010

One of the most common language pairs we get to translate here in Tomedes is English to Latin.

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Belarusian Business Translation Services

February 16, 2010

We are always content to see that companies choose us to accompany them in their penetration into new markets.

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Polish Diary Translation Services

February 12, 2010

120 pages of handwritten text translated in less than a month

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February 11, 2010

3 hours translation for an American salesperson during his flight to Italy

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February 10, 2010

Translation of a letter to the Romanian authorities in 40 minutes

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February 03, 2010

Translation and proofreading of a highly sensitive business document

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February 02, 2010

One of our regular customers had asked us to translate a legal document. The problem was that he needed it in one hour.

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February 02, 2010

Telecom companies are usually very demanding They require a very fast translation done by an expert Telecom translator for a cost effective price.

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January 30, 2010

Quick translation of a Korean song from Korean into English

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Hungarian Title Deed Translation

January 28, 2010

We have translated the certificate and had it approved and signed by a notary

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