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A relatively large technical translation of pharmaceutical documents was needed for Czech to English translation.

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Pharmaceutical Translation from Czech to English

June 16, 2010

Providing Our Expertise for Highly Technical Translations

Pharmaceuticals is a specialized and very technical industry in and of itself. Add to it the difficulty of translation, and you can see why it takes very special and highly skilled translators to be able to provide a quality, accurate pharmaceutical translation. Pharmaceutical names and terms, in addition to anything related to medical translation service, can not only vary from language to language, but are highly technical even in one's own native language. Our pharmaceutical translators' expertise in technical translation of pharmaceutical and medical documents comes from years of experience and trained skill. With Tomedes' worldwide network of over 5,000 translators, we can provide a pharmaceutical document translation in nearly any language.

Because of the importance for accuracy, only a professional translation agency with experienced translators should ever provide pharmaceutical translations. To get a free and fast quote for any kind of pharmaceutical document or technical pharmaceutical translation service, simply upload your files and documents using the top menu, or input the total number of words to be translated. You'll receive an estimate within seconds, without being required to provide even your email address, like almost all other leading translation companies, who use it to then send you annoying spam mail. With your instant estimate, you'll also be able to see how we surpass the competition with the lowest translation costs available from any top translation service.

Pharmaceutical Translation from San Francisco to Worldwide

A client from the San Francisco Bay area (specific details about clients are strictly prohibited from disclosure due to confidentiality agreements) recently requested Czech to English translation for pharmaceutical documents. The document word count was 9,105, and the client requested Czech translators with at least 2 years experience in translation of pharmaceutical documents. Because of the diversity in San Francisco, many translation requests of all types, sizes and languages come from this area, from pharmaceuticals to software translation, engineering translation to marketing translation and much more.

We've also provided pharmaceutical and medical document translation for many other clients. Recently we've provided medical software translation from Finnish to English, Korean translation of medical research documents, Hebrew to English translation of a medical prescription – which is also part of pharmaceutical translations – and many other services within pharmaceutical and medical translation. Even the most technical translation can be handled by our translators in nearly any language. We continue to provide accurate, excellent quality translations to our worldwide customer base, and always at the lowest translation rates possible.

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