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Icelandic presentation translation of safety and standards for a fire company in Portland enabled them to communicate with their audience despite some of the technical terms.

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Icelandic Presentation Translation

June 17, 2010

Presentation Translation Service for Any Business

Presentation translation requests come in several varieties; they can be simple documents, slides, power point, and sales or business presentation translations, both which frequently also require localization. Presentation translation from a professional translation service takes the pressure off anyone preparing to make an introduction, informative lecture, speech or sales call to a non-English language audience. Professionalism is crucial for any kind of presentation, but it is especially important to have professional business translation provided for any kind of business presentation. These should always be provided by professional and experienced translators.

Recently a client requested translation from English to Icelandic for a fire company safety and standards presentation. To get a free quote for business presentation translation or any other type of presentation, or for any Icelandic translation service, simply upload your files using the menu on the left, or input the total word count to be translated. You'll receive an estimate in seconds; proof that we offer the lowest cost for translation service compared to any leading translation agency.

Icelandic Translation in Portland, Maine

The Icelandic translation of safety and standards presentation was requested by a client from Portland, ME. As a hubbub of New England activity, Portland clients often submit legal document translation requests, as well as a lot of commercial translations for shipping and receiving, as a city with a busy port. Though this was a safety and standards presentation, safety and standards terminology can often require the same kind of technical translation skills as any legal translation. The client in Portland (specific details about any client are strictly prohibited from disclosure, due to terms of service and confidentiality agreements) preferred translators with power point and technical translation experience. The translation was a total of 4,000 words, for both the powerpoint and safety and standards documents.

Tomedes has provided localized business translation of professional presentations for many clients; some which needed extremely fast translation turnaround. Among these have been an Italian translation for a sales presentation delivered in less than 3 hours; a sales presentation translation from Swedish to English, French and German translation of a powerpoint slide presentation, and English to Japanese business translation done via web conferencing. These are just a handful of many presentation translation services that we have provided to our clients worldwide. We continue to provide accurate, high quality professional business translation service to our clients, who know they can trust us when professionalism and presentation are imperative.

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