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Professional Translation for iPhone 4

June 28, 2010

iPhone 4 Translation for Apps, User Manuals, and More

With the emergence of the iPhone 4 and all the buzz around it, (as well as a few disgruntled buyers who expect perfection for every Apple device that is released on the market) developers have already begun developing new iPhone 4 applications. Because of the built-up anticipation and the global appeal of the iPhone 4, new iPhone manual and iPhone 4 app translation is already hitting translation services. Our reputation for accurate, localized app and localized software translation, while also offering low cost rates, is why so many newbie app developers, as well as many seasoned ones - flock to us for technical translation service. Not the least among these are any new iPod, iPad or iPhone app translations. We received an influx of iPad app translations upon the release of the iPad, and the same now with new iPhone app translation.

iPhone application translation is one of the best ways to get software or phone manuals and apps globally used and recognized. Instead of selling and obtaining feedback from one kind of market, iPhone app translation service enables a developer to get his app to as many international markets as he chooses. With a leading translation service like Tomedes, the iPhone language translation options are wide open. Make your apps and manuals available for anything from simplified Chinese iPhone app translation to Hindi phone app translation, Korean translation, Hebrew translation, and nearly any other language you can think of. To get a free quote for any iPhone application translation, or for any kind of phone app or phone manual translation, simply upload or copy your text into the top menu box, and choose your language. You'll be provided with an instant estimate of our low cost translation services, which with a few comparisons, you'll quickly be able to tell exactly what makes us stand out from the competition: the same high quality, accurate and fast translations, without the overpriced translation rates.

Translate Your iPhone App To or From Any Language

A little over a month ago, we provided iPad app translation from English to Chinese for a client based in the Los Angeles area (specific clientele details are prohibited from disclosure due to confidential terms of service). While Chinese translation in Los Angeles is nothing new, iPad app translation certainly was at the time. Given that we performed the translation smoothly and quickly, any translation for iPhone 4 apps will be just another way we maintain relevant technical translation service alongside advancing technology.

French, Portuguese and Spanish iPhone app translation is commonly requested from North American software developers, but we are prepared to translate any language. For rarer languages, or more involved app translations, such as localized software translation or localized iPad app translation, simply email us at info@tomedes.com, and you'll get a response shortly.

While software developers have the most to gain by translating iPhone applications, this is not the only industry or reason for any type of technical phone translation. Cell phone manual translation and user manual translation is often requested by manufacturers and retailers. iPhone users who want to use phone applicaton translation for personal use can now use that Russian app they thought was pointless to download, simply by having us translate iPhone apps from Russian to English (or getting Russian translation for any other smartphone app or hand-held device).

Apple will continue to put out a new iPhone - and probably eventually something else altogether - with every year. Because we are a top translation service, our technical translators, engineering translators, localization translators, and everyone else involved with information technology translation, stays informed and educated about the newest technology and how to apply translations. We provide opportunity for anyone developing an iPhone 4 app to stay competitive and reach a global market with one, low cost iPhone app translation.

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