The Top Human Editing Services for AI-Written Content

July 10, 2024
The Top Human Editing Services for AI-Written Content

If your company hasn’t played around with AI-generated text yet, whether for blog posts or marketing emails, it’s time to catch up. But don’t put your brand entirely in the hands of generative AI – always post edit to give your copy the polish it deserves.

What Are AI-Content Post Editing Services?

AI content post editing is the provision of expert human editors for AI-generated content. Businesses that have used generative AI tools to produce content often seek enhancement by human editors who have the skills to polish the content and make it more engaging to human readers. This is the role of AI-content post editing services.  

What is AI content editing for? Well, AI-written content can need human editing for several reasons. AI content fine-tuning services can help to give copy more personality, bringing it in line with a company’s tone of voice. Editing can also catch any grammatical errors in the text, as well as providing the chance to fact-check any statistics, dates, figures and facts. Given some generative AI tools’ propensity to get such facts wrong, these checks are essential practices of AI content editing

AI content enhancement by human editors also involves the addition of headings and relevant internal links, along with general organization of the copy for greater clarity. 

All of these serve to deliver content that is accurate and engaging, while also taking advantage of the pace at which AI tools can write. 

How Do These Services Edit AI-Generated Content?

Blending machine generated text with human proofreading is easy in process terms. A business with AI-generated documents simply sends them to the content editing service, then leaves them in the capable hands of a human editor

The editor works on the copy, taking care of all the points outlined above. They then run it through an online tool to check whether it is likely to be classified as machine generated text or human-written copy before delivering the documents back to the business. 

While the process for obtaining high-quality editing for machine-generated text is simple, it is finding the right content editor service that requires careful thought and attention. 

The Best Professional Editing Services for AI-Generated Text

When it comes to finding reliable human proofreading for AI-generated content, there are certain key considerations. Price, of course, is one, while another is the turnaround times that the AI content editor offers. These timescales are particularly important, as overly lengthy editing times can end up negating the benefit of using rapidly generated AI content in the first place. 

The content editing service also needs to be well reputed, naturally. AI-generated content polishing by human editors will only ever be as good as the editors themselves, so it’s important to use a service that has been well reviewed, as well as one that ticks the right boxes in terms of budget and timescales. 

When it comes to quality assurance for AI-generated content, it is also worth looking for editing that guarantees content will pass AI content generation checking tools as human-generated copy.  

1. EditorNinja

EditorNinja provides humans trained on how to edit AI content, with an easy submission process and a one- to two-day turnaround time. The services acts as a swift way to connect businesses with AI-generated content with human editors, taking the pain out of the process of finding professional editing services for AI-generated text. 

One particularly good aspect of the services is that it offers unlimited revisions. Human-crafted editing for machine-generated text is something of a fine art, with myriad different options when it comes to word choice, sentence structure and other revisions to the copy. Unlimited revisions means that businesses can ensure they get the best AI content editing services to suit their brand tone and style guide, no matter how much fine-tuning it takes to craft the final version of the copy. 

The emphasis with EditorNinja isn’t just on providing top human editing services for AI-generated content, but on doing so using a seamless process. Businesses can book a virtual conferencing demo directly from the EditorNinja website to talk to the team about their content polishing needs. 

2. Captain Words

Captain Words’ main selling point is its ability to edit any AI-generated content. Are AI files editable? They most certainly are with Captain Words. The team of editors are available to work on blog posts, news articles, landing pages, product descriptions, social media posts, marketing emails, website content, ad copy and more. 

Editors with experience in more than 100 specialist fields contribute to the breadth of Captain Words’ editing solutions for AI-generated material. The content refinement service promises to elevate AI-produced copy by fact-checking it and enhancing the copy for an affordable price. 

Captain Words is also targeting multilingual businesses. The company can edit AI-generated content in more than 70 languages, all with quality assurance in terms of brand and voice representation. Captain Words is also happy to take on large-scale projects, supporting businesses to scale their content production rapidly. 

3. Verblio

Verblio is a content creation service that delivers human-written content as well as trusted AI content refinement services. The company serves as a one-stop-shop for content needs, working with businesses and agencies on anything from a single piece of content to developing entire SEO-driven strategies. 

Verblio’s writers can generate AI-written content and refine it to deliver high value while reducing the SEO risk of low AI-detection scores. Fact-checking also reduces businesses’ risk of publishing biased or inaccurate content – something which anyone using AI for writing needs to be conscious of. 

The Verblio team is happy to provide a free sample post to new customers, so that businesses can establish the service’s quality and suitability for themselves. 

4. Fiverr 

A freelancing marketplace platform, Fiverr can help with all manner of content creation tasks, including the editing of AI-generated copy. Businesses can hire AI-content editors quickly and easily, choosing the individual they want to work with based on a range of factors, from price to feedback rating. 

As Fiverr is home to freelancers offering a wide range of skills, the platform can be a valuable resource for businesses that may have other content-related needs, from SEO optimization to design.  


How much do these human editing services typically cost?

The cost of human editing services can vary based on the length and complexity of the content, as well as the turnaround time you need. Typically, you might find rates ranging from $0.03 to $0.10 per word. Some services might offer package deals or discounts for bulk editing projects, so it's worth shopping around and asking for quotes.

What are the turnaround times for different types of content?

Turnaround times for human editing services depend on the length and complexity of your content. For short articles or blog posts, you might expect a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. Longer documents, such as research papers or eBooks, could take several days to a week. Many services also offer expedited options if you need faster results.

What are the success rates for passing AI content detection tools after human editing?

The success rates for passing AI content detection tools after human editing can be quite high. Experienced editors can significantly improve the naturalness and originality of your content, making it more likely to pass these checks. While exact rates can vary, many services report success rates of 90% or higher after thorough human editing.

Final Word

If you’re looking for the best human editing services for AI-generated content, you have plenty of choice. AI content post-editing service providers are springing up in response to the rapidly growing use of generative models for creating all manner of texts. 

If you’re considering using generative AI to create your content, it’s important to find out more about use cases and post editing to ensure you’re aware of everything that’s involved in doing so. For more information and professional opportunities, check out our careers page.

By Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor is a professional freelance writer who has been fascinated by languages since childhood. She holds qualifications in Spanish, French, German and Latin, as well as her native English.



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