Should Company Names Be Translated? Translation Theory in Practice

CATEGORY / Marketing


Should company names be translated when brands reach out to new markets in new languages? Click to discover the options for translating company names.

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International SEO: The Complete Guide

CATEGORY / Marketing


Do you need an international SEO strategy? Read this article to discover everything you need know.

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Global Marketing Strategy Guide: Tips and Examples

CATEGORY / Marketing


Do you need a global marketing strategy? Then start with our helpful guide.

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How to Build a Multilingual Website

CATEGORY / Marketing


Could a multilingual website boost your business? Read on to find out how to get started.

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How to Market Your App in 2021 – 20 Free and Effective Ways

CATEGORY / Marketing


Will your business be marketing an app in 2021? To increase your mobile app users and drive revenue, read these free, effective app marketing methods

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How to Promote Your Website in 2021 (15 Free and Actionable Ways)

CATEGORY / Marketing


Do you need to promote a website? Market your site and increase traffic with these free and actionable methods

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Social media marketing for freelance translators

CATEGORY / Marketing


Whether you're new to freelance translation or a seasoned pro looking to expand your client base, social media is the perfect marketing tool

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