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Our script translation services support actors, directors, scriptwriters, producers, and writers domestically and abroad. Our translators have extensive experience in cinematography and film, delivering accurate and industry-relevant translations. We offer translations in 150+ languages across all genres, backed by 24/7 support and a 1-year warranty, ensuring your project's success across languages and cultures.

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High-Quality Film Script Translation Services by Qualified Script Translators

At Tomedes, we are deeply in tune with the nuances required for quality script translations. To translate a script, a profound understanding of the artistry itself is essential. This is why we hand-pick dedicated and creative translators with demonstrated experience in both script writing and cinematography.

Accredited Script Translation Services

Tomedes is certified by the ISO for three relevant certifications of ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 18587:2015. This is evidenced by the quality of our work, which assure that you will get the best script translation service that you deserve.

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ISO 9001:2015Quality Management Systems

ISO 17100:2015Translation Services Quality

ISO 18587:2017Post-editing Machine Translation Output

Why do you need to translate your script?

Translating your script into key languages is essential to meet global film industry standards. Tomedes partners with native translators who are not only linguists but also creatives with a deep understanding of the entertainment sector. This unique blend of skills ensures that your script retains its original flair and nuance, making it appealing to international film markets and audiences alike.

Why Tomedes Is the Answer for Your Script Translation Need

Tomedes’ influence on the film industry has brought international recognition to artists of all kinds. Because we understand that each creation is a work of art with its own spirit, we turn to talented translators who uphold the greatest respect for the creative process as they craft every translated word.

Script Translators Available from Different Parts of the World

Over the years, we have forged deep and meaningful relationships with script translators from all around the world to ensure quality script translations from and into a plethora of languages.

Human Translators for All Film Translation Services

Despite the ingenuity of translation technologies, it can never quite relay the soul of a creative text. This is why we work exclusively with human translators for any script translation.

Qualified Translators Who Read Between the Lines

Our film script translators go above and beyond a simple word-for-word script translation. They deeply study the context to craft an authentic representation of a screenplay or script in another language.

Script Translation Services for Films, Screenplays, and Other Creative Endeavors

Tomedes’ translation services encompass a variety of creative projects such as films, plays, and pilot scenarios. Actors, directors, scriptwriters, producers, and writers around the world have depended on Tomedes to deliver quality translations without fail. Here are just some of the other types of artistic translations Tomedes offers:

  • checkCorporate video scripts
  • checkVideo tutorials
  • checkActor dialogue
  • checkLyrics for musicals and songs
  • checkFilm summaries
  • checkTheatre scripts
  • checkAudio books
  • checkPoetry scripts
  • checkFilm and movie scripts
  • checkDocumentary scripts
  • checkScreenplay scripts
  • checkVideo game scripts

Contact Us Anytime, Anywhere

The client has always been at the heart of Tomedes’ corporate philosophy, which is why we have cost-effective script translation prices. We guarantee 15-minute response to quote and project inquiries, 24/7 support, and a full-year accuracy warranty on each project.

We Translate Your Script to English and Other Languages

Tomedes’ script translation services help you achieve your goal of reaching a larger audience. Thanks to our network of translators worldwide, we offer more than 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. Here are some of the languages we most commonly work with for script translations:


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