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Tomedes translation service provides professional translation for business customers and individuals across the globe. We aim for transparency in our business, and this applies to translation cost as well as to other areas of our work. Your translation price will be confirmed during your initial discussions with Tomedes, so that you know from the outset what the cost will be.

Translation cost can vary based on a range of factors. The laws of supply and demand impact translation price, just as they do almost all goods and services. That means that commonly paired languages, such as Spanish and English, which have an abundance of translators available, will command a lower price per word than less commonly sought language pairings. A language from Kannada to Zulu (for example) will cost more per word than one from English to Spanish, simply due to the fact that there are fewer translators available (and those that are available can command higher rates).

Translation price can also vary based on the type of content being translated. Topics with complex terminology, such as medical translation and legal translation, require specialist translators to work on them. Thus they tend to command higher translation rates than more general content. Once more this is the result of simple economics – the translation cost for niche services is higher as there are fewer translators available to work on them.

The urgency with which a document is required can also impact on the translation cost. If an urgent translation service is required, this will usually command a price premium.

To get an initial idea of the translation price for your document, please use the Tomedes instant quote service. This service provides an indicative translation cost based on the language pairing that you require and the number of words to be translated. You can also speak to the helpful Tomedes team to discuss your translation requirements in more detail and confirm the translation price that will apply to your document.

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